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Wednesday, July 1, 2015
We are a family of hand washers.
Because Im a freak about the hand washing in our home. Seriously!
After the longest winter in all of history and multiple bouts of sickness that have swept through our home with a fury, I am now the mom that is asking my kids every 20 minutes…”DID YOU WASH YOUR HANDS?”
I'm serious, when I say, I cant take another season like that one so I am on them constantly about good hygiene and its all WASH, WASH, WASH.
The only problem with all this continuous hand washing is the sensitivity that soon follows. We are a sensitive family…..not really...well, when it comes to our skin anyway. My skin is like the sierra and not much can combat the dryness and lucky for my kids…they now have it too. Sorry guys! I am all about trying new products to see if anything and I mean anything will work but until recently I hadn't found much that was working for us.
But then this great thing happened....we found Revive bath + body and things got a whole lot better.
The thing is when I find a product that I truly love I want to shout about it from the roof tops and this is that for us!
I mean it. When I find something that I think is truly worth the money I want to talk about if you've been around me lately you will know Revive products are my new must have obsession.
So I will tell you that this bar soap is my absolute favorite! When it came in the mail on the first day, I opened the box but then I got distracted, (that never happens...eyes rolling) so it sat there on my desk until the next day and when I opened the door and walked in to my office that next morning the smell was amazing! This is the Peppermint+Rosemary+Lemon and ahhhhh it is so good!
The bar soap is handmade from vegetable oil and doesn't contain any of the chemicals you would normally find in other soaps. Its so gentle on my kiddos skin and because they also enjoy the smell and all the swirls (as they say)  they are washing their hands more then ever and I'm not complaining about that one single bit!
I love it so much that I had to include it in the house warming basket that I just made up for a dear friend of mine. She has 4 kiddos and I know her family is going to love it just as much as we have! 

Revive bath+body isn't just good for your skin. This company is doing amazing things for their community. Started by the owner Caitlin in 2010 they have gone on to partner with Haven ATL to help revive women who have been slaves in the the sex trafficking industry which is unfortunately, extremely prevalent in Atlanta and all over this country. Revive bath+body is helping to equip them with the skills that they need to pull themselves out and giving them some much needed hope in a hopeless place.  I'm a mother of three can I not talk about how much I love what they are doing! So much that Revive bath+body has decided to partner up with me and offer you all the discount code HOUSESEVEN10 to shop their store with 10% off your purchase today through the 7th!

{The perfect house warming basket}
Cutting board
Dusting broom brush
House plant or herb...I prefer Basil 
Wooden Spoons
Tea Towels
Paper Straws
Hand Soap
Bar Soap
all wrapped up in a beautiful basket!