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Welcome to House Seven.
That's what it is after all, the seventh house my husband and I have lived in.
The 6th for my oldest, the 4th for my middle one, and the 1st for my baby. 
We hope it's the last for a long, long time! 
Some might say, that is horrible that we've had to move so many times! 
I would agree,  the moving part is definitely the worst. But there is an upside to all that moving. 
If you love to decorate and redecorate your home, that gives you a lot of opportunity to do so.
I've been lucky enough to live in seven completely different houses and decorate all of them! 
I love to look back at house #1 with all that black furniture and khaki walls with red accents...hey Pottery Barn 2000, and see how much my design choices have evolved over the years.
I don't know all the design "rules" but I do know what I like, and what makes my family feel comfortable in a home, and that is success in my opinion. 
So, I hope you will grab yourself some coffee, wine, water, what have you and hang out for a bit and maybe even visit often.
 Because if you love to change, rearranged and design as much as I do, we will be great friends!
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5 comments on "Let's Meet"
  1. Hi Anissa - I have been having a great time exploring your beautiful blog! Could you shoot me an email (I couldn't find your email address here) at - thanks so much!

  2. Hi Anissa! Would you mind shooting us an email at Thanks for your Instagram shout out!

  3. Hi Anissa,

    I have become inspired by your blog and am attempting to start my own. If you have the time, I would love for you to check it out.

  4. Hi Anissa,
    I adore your home & style!!! So very glad I found you on IG, your truly inspiring!!