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Wednesday, April 24, 2019
Progress on the room is moving along. I really wanted to have all the trim work from Metrie up before we brought the furniture into the space but when you are working on a tight timeline you do whatever you have to do to speed up the process so last week we unboxed all the new furniture and moved it up to the room.

This was us in the empty space trying to make it all work. Thank goodness for my amazing assistant who is a champ about making it all happen on a tight timeline!
Every piece of furniture we brought in to the space in brand new and even though the room isn't even close to done, it feels so good already!
You can see a peek of her new DuChateau floors in the photo below. They are the Grand Savoy Marquis Engineered European White Oak 9 1/2" x 86-11/16x5/8  UV Oil Finish Plank and I love them! It is amazing what new and gorgeous floors can do in a space. The entire house feels so much sturdier now and so beautiful!
Now that we have all the furniture from One Kings Lane,  Overstock, Urban Outfitters and Serena and Lily  in place, its time to finish the shiplap on the walls, hang all the lighting from Hudson Valley Lighting, which will require a little bit of electrical, but we can do this! 
Then its time for a fresh coat of paint and the Chasing Paper wallpaper will be our final step in the process. 
Here's a little sneak peek of whats to come! 
I can't lie, these posts are hard. Its so hard to have to keep all the detailed photos from you all and not show you all the progress but I guess thats also part of the fun. I hope you are enjoying these posts because we are almost there you guys. So very close!