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One Room Challenge Week 2

Wednesday, April 10, 2019
This week on the One Room Challenge we are talking
-Wall Trimwork
-Hardwood Flooring 

This is my staring point for the project. The canvas on the room if you will. All the items that will cover the majority of square footage in the room. This is how I always start any design project. What is the overall backdrop of the room going to be and how do I build off of that?
All of my design has a neutral base. While most people think that means white or light colors, it can also mean color! You can keep a space neutral and still use color, even on the walls. I see it like this, if you choose deeper colors in your design, they tend to allow you to use a lot more color in your design. For instance, dark green can be a neutral if you use it correctly and that goes for a lot of colors. The deeper and darker the better in my opinion. 
I love using color, especially in a kid's rooms. I like to keep the design structured but also whimsical. I want the room to grow with them and that can get tricky. I will go in to all of that in more depth when we get to the furniture selections, but for now its all about the walls. 

I have always been a lover of fun wallpaper in my girls rooms, this time is no different. I think it's such a fun and unexpected addition to any little kid or teen space. A perfect way for them to express a little bit of their own personality and a way to make the space unique. I have always loved Chasing Paper and all of the fun wallpaper design's the offer. I have used their wallpaper in so many project's and they were my go to source again. Because this is a room for my oldest daughter, I wanted to make sure that the wallpaper would fit her personality. I want the room to have a great design but I also didn't want to lose sight that this is her space and she needs to love the final product, even more than me. That's a tough one. I'm working on letting go a little and so far I think we are on the same page, which is good!
We decided to go with Chasing Paper Shaping Up  on the walls in her space and I think its going to be so cute! Once we receive the paper we will select the wall paint color for her room. 
If you have followed my designs for awhile now, you know how much I love adding trim work to a space. Her room is no exception and we decided on this amazing product by Metrie . We are using a vertical shiplap along with the wallpaper and new baseboards. 
I found this image below when I was searching for inspiration for her room and I love how this space looks with all the shiplap. 

The floors in this space above also look similar to the new flooring that we just had installed by Du Chateau flooring. I do a happy dance each time I walk in to her room now. I do not miss the black painted floors one bit! They were actually kind of the worst, always peeling and showing every spec of dirt...yuck!

Now lets talk Lights! 
I have become such a fan of Hudson Valley Lighting and all of their brands. Especially Mitzi for a fun whimsical feeling in her new room. I selected the Avery light above, which coincidentally shares the same name as my daughter! I loved the light and when I saw the name, it was a done deal. 
I also chose these super cute sconces from Mitzi for either side of her bed. I love sconces and pretty much want to use them somewhere in every single design I do lately. 
Brian is in the process of installing all of the shiplap and baseboards now that all the floors are in and the next step is to have the electrician install the sconces and new light. We will install the wallpaper just as soon as all the shiplap is painted but of course we are waiting on the delivery of the wallpaper to pick our final color selection. Hopefully, I can share that with you all on the next post.
We are moving right along and I can't wait to show you all the final reveal. 
Come back next week and I will be talking about all the furniture I selected for the space. 

Now head over to the other participants blogs and see what they are working on....see you next week!