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Office Coffee Bar with Fireclay Tile

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

So my amazing team here at House Seven Design has seen our humble little home office come a long way since our companies early beginnings. 


We've grown a lot and as a result have gone through a couple of what I like to think of as "awkward teen years" getting to where we want to be. From working out of spare bedrooms, the dining table, to finally our renovated basement converted into our home office-- Having a designated work space has always been a priority so we can make the most of our time without the distractions of the rest of the house --(which are plenty when you have three kids and two dogs)

Converting the basement into our office let us establish a home base and bring more of an identity to our office culture. It allowed us to create a designated area for client visits and meetings as well as an intentional storage solution for our sample library. 

Teaming up with Fireclay Tile helped to make a particular vision come to fruition that is our beloved coffee bar!


Choosing Fireclay Tile for our backsplash was an easy choice because their products are all stunning and they made the whole process such a breeze! Selecting which tile was the tricky part as the samples we pulled were all just so good. 

We love working with Fireclay not only for their quality products, but we firmly support their mission statement of practicing sustainable manufacturing, using recycled materials, and treating their employees with integrity.  

When you can so fully get on board with a companies mission and understand the purpose behind their work, it makes it that much more fulfilling to put their products in your home. 

The tile we landed on (by popular vote) was the 2x4 handmade tile in "Kelp" (V4) with a light grout. 

You can find them Here!

I love the detailing in the glaze and variation from tile to tile. The green just makes such a fun statement in the mostly monochromatic office. It has become the first thing people compliment when they walk downstairs!

We are so glad to have worked with Fireclay tile and are so happy with the results of our little coffee bar. My team and I definitely have been taking full advantage of this little nook and feel lucky to look back and see how far this space has come in a short while.