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Office Coffee Bar with Fireclay Tile

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

So my amazing team here at House Seven Design has seen our humble little home office come a long way since our companies early beginnings. 


We've grown a lot and as a result have gone through a couple of what I like to think of as "awkward teen years" getting to where we want to be. From working out of spare bedrooms, the dining table, to finally our renovated basement converted into our home office-- Having a designated work space has always been a priority so we can make the most of our time without the distractions of the rest of the house --(which are plenty when you have three kids and two dogs)

Converting the basement into our office let us establish a home base and bring more of an identity to our office culture. It allowed us to create a designated area for client visits and meetings as well as an intentional storage solution for our sample library. 

Teaming up with Fireclay Tile helped to make a particular vision come to fruition that is our beloved coffee bar!


Choosing Fireclay Tile for our backsplash was an easy choice because their products are all stunning and they made the whole process such a breeze! Selecting which tile was the tricky part as the samples we pulled were all just so good. 

We love working with Fireclay not only for their quality products, but we firmly support their mission statement of practicing sustainable manufacturing, using recycled materials, and treating their employees with integrity.  

When you can so fully get on board with a companies mission and understand the purpose behind their work, it makes it that much more fulfilling to put their products in your home. 

The tile we landed on (by popular vote) was the 2x4 handmade tile in "Kelp" (V4) with a light grout. 

You can find them Here!

I love the detailing in the glaze and variation from tile to tile. The green just makes such a fun statement in the mostly monochromatic office. It has become the first thing people compliment when they walk downstairs!

We are so glad to have worked with Fireclay tile and are so happy with the results of our little coffee bar. My team and I definitely have been taking full advantage of this little nook and feel lucky to look back and see how far this space has come in a short while. 

Bathroom Accessory Round - Up

Monday, March 18, 2019

So this week in usual Zajac fashion, our house is a construction zone with Brian and I currently remodeling our master bedroom and bathroom. We have been anxiously awaiting this moment and are so excited that the ball is finally rolling.  

Spring is right around the corner, and I'm once again getting the bug to refresh everything around the house. One of the easiest places to start is in the bathroom.  With it being one of the most used rooms in the house for obvious reasons, a little bit of style can make a big difference and with our bathroom renovation on the mind, I've put together a little round up of my essential accessories to share with you all to implement in your space. 


When redoing a space, it's easy to focus on the major elements like lighting and furniture, but I often see how even the prettiest bathroom designs can get lost behind the visual clutter of our everyday essentials.

Going the extra mile of finding accessories that work with your space - not against it- can help to make the most of your design without eating into your budget.


 I love using simple bottles with a minimal design for my soap as it's most likely going to be displayed right on top of my vanity.  This hand soap from Le Labo not only looks great on your vanity but smells amazing. 



I'm all about bringing in small touches of color or pattern in a mostly neutral design.  As far as I'm concerned, these hand towels from Studio McGee are just about perfect. 

Townsend Hand Towels

Wide Stripe Hand Towel

I will always be convinced that every person should have an all white set of bath towels, however I've recently been loving the the look of hand woven Turkish towels draped over hooks or a ladder. It brings a touch of casual rustic and gives a little bit of soul to a room thats often overlooked. 


Images Via Nomad Bubbles

Like this one from Wayfair

or this towel from West Elm that is currently on sale!


Under cabinet storage is such a must around my house but for all the little things that don't make their way into a drawer or behind a cabinet door, Storage bins and baskets can be your blessing in disguise. They're perfect for organizing and look so pretty on a shelf or inside a glass cabinet. 

Here are a few I've had my eye on lately.

Water Hyacinth Storage Bin

Decorative Open Weave Basket
Rosecliff Heights Basket

Boa Woven Basket 


Maxwell Towel Bar

Nicolai Towel Bar


Mid-Century Hardware

Brass Circlet Towel Hook


Choosing a good mirror for your bathroom is no easy feat as there are just so many out there! For me, I love sticking with a simple frame and shape but ultimately choosing something with small yet impactful details that really shine in the overall design. Here are some that I'm loving right now. 

Canfield Round Pivot Mirror
Arched Metal Framed Mirror

I hope you found our little round-up helpful and wish you all well in your designing journeys! 

When you're picking and choosing selections for your bathroom, remember to think about the small personal details that can make all the difference in your design! 


The Company Store

Wednesday, March 6, 2019
You might remember this room used to look a lot different. Well, we thought it was time for a change and honestly, I missed the bright white walls and crisp clean feeling it used to have in here. So we took down the orange floral wallpaper, added a fresh coat of white paint and all of a sudden the space feels fresh and calm again. 
When I was planning out the space, the one thing the girls kept asking for was new bedding! They didn't want colors or patterns in the bedding but instead wanted soft squishy beds like Mommy and Daddy's room.  I recently had the opportunity to work with The Company Store to make over my own bed and since then have fallen completely in love with it! 
 I knew right away that's where I wanted to go for the girl's room too and I'm so happy I did. The new bedding is just perfect for them. There is six years between the two of them so I wanted to make sure that it was not only age appropriate now but would also continue to be as they get older. 
You can't go wrong with a white linen duvet and pink swiss dots for a little girl's room. 
The bedding is exceptionally soft and such great quality. Their bed's feel like a cloud which makes bedtime that much easier and I swear they sleep better now that their bed's are so much softer, thanks to the incredible feather bed's I also added. 
I'm just so happy that their room is back to a nice neutral pallet again. Because I chose a neutral duvet and blanket we can change out the sheets at anytime to change up the look in here and it won't clash with the existing bedding. We also have the option of adding colorful pillows if we want! The other thing I love about The Company Store is that they carry Bla Bla dolls which have been a long time favorite of all my girls, I had no idea! 
 Here is what I chose for their beds...
I just love their little shared room. It was the best thing we ever did, to make them share a room. They are so much closer now then before and hearing them in here together playing together and laughing just makes my mama heart so happy! 

Check out The Company Store linen sale! Save up to 25% off!