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Friday, February 1, 2019
Have you all ever had the chance to work with an outstanding company who defines great customer service? That is how I would describe my recent experience working with California Closets here in Carmel, Indiana. They truly set the example for going above and beyond for their clients and I was able to experience this first hand.
So let me start at the beginning and tell you how this all began. 
We moved in to our home two and a half years ago and from the beginning we knew we wanted to remodel the basement. Well, remodel is a stretch because honestly it was so bad that it looked kind of like you could film a horror movie in it. It needed to be completely finished because not only did we want the space to be functional and beautiful we also needed an office for our growing business and the space in the photo below wasn't cutting it. 
We needed a space where we could meet clients and feel happy working in all day long. Needless to say, no one wanted to be down here when it looked like this!
We got to work and as we finished the framing, drywall and flooring part of the remodel we started thinking about how we wanted the space to feel. We knew we needed storage and an area to display products for our clients to see. We needed desks of course, and a place for our employees to work. We needed a coffee bar!
When I realized that we needed all of these different design elements in the space, I knew that I needed a little help. Thankfully, it was right around that time that I had the amazing opportunity to partner with California Closets. With their help I was able to create a workspace that was functional, beautiful, and checked off all of the items on our list. 
Here it is! The same basement as the photo above but this time with a major facelift! We added luxury vinyl plank flooring which is crazy durable and waterproof. We kept the walls white to make  the space feel as light and bright as possible and added in elements of wood tones for warmth. The slated panel wall provides definition in the space while still allowing it to feel spacious and if you look to the far end of the room you can see the sliding door that opens to our little office powder room. This room is still in the works, so more to come on that soon.
The 10ft bank of drawers from California Closets is one of my favorite additions to out client meeting area. It holds all of our samples and catalogs. We added the shelving unit to the top and that gives us a place to display all of the accessories that we use in our clients homes. 

Our little coffee bar is the perfect spot to hold all of the household items that our office needs. Because is it really an office without coffee?!  From this view you can see how the California Closet built in cabinets have the waterfall edge effect that I love so much. It's those small details in the design that add so much interest to the space.
Just around the corner from the coffee bar is our work space. This is where you will find the team when we aren't out on site visits or sourcing for clients. We really love how this space feels. I was so worried that moving our office to the basement would feel cold and yucky! But it's actually just the opposite. The ceiling in this area is lower than the other room because this is where all the working parts of the home live, so we didn't have enough height for a drywalled ceiling. As an alternative we  sprayed the ceiling white which actually is less noticeable when you're in the space and it feels so bright now. Here is the before of this space just so you can see how much it has changed, eek! 
I love how the desk runs the length of the room and allows for much more workspace then we would have had if we had chosen to go with a single desk option. We continued the wood waterfall effect in this room with the lacquered white cabinetry. I love the straight lines of the flat front cabinets. It keeps it clean and simple which is exactly how I like to approach all my designs. 
We are just so happy with how our office space turned out. I know we will be adding to it as time goes on because that's how we roll around here but I think that choosing to use California Closets in the design of the cabinetry was by far our best decision in the overall remodel.  They were so attentive to our needs through out the entire process. From the designer to the installers, we felt like we were their only client along the way!
 I'm just so impressed with the quality of the California Closet cabinet we chose for our office and now I'm thinking about how we will use them in our master bedroom remodel which is the next big project on the list. Stay tuned because I'm sure I will have a lot more to share again soon! 

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