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Small Kitchen Update

Monday, April 9, 2018
I am constantly changing the placement of furniture and d├ęcor in our home to keep things interesting. What can I say, I like a change and I like a challenge! In some areas of the house, like the bathrooms and kitchen, it’s a little harder to change the look of the space without knocking down walls and investing in expensive updates. Recently in our kitchen we decided to make a small update and replace our older sink faucet for a new Beale MeasureFill Kitchen Faucet from American Standard. It was a simple, rather inexpensive change, and the new shiny chrome finish really brightens up the space.

 Not only is it a beautiful new feature in the kitchen, but it is also extremely practical. The MeasureFill feature is awesome. When I’m making pasta for the kids, or brownies for Brian, I don’t need to reach for a measuring cup. The nifty feature on the left side of the faucet allows me to select the amount of water I need, touch the dial window, and voila! The faucet automatically measures the water, no additional tools or thinking needed.
From a design standpoint, I love the high arch of the faucet, along with the features that aid my ability to design as a minimalist. The fewer items I need in my kitchen, the better. We keep everyday items on our open shelving, and the fact that measuring cups no longer need to be housed on these shelves makes me happy.

Check out this month’s issue of HGTV Magazine to learn more about the Beale MeasureFill Faucet from American Standard, available in April. We had a great time partnering with them on this small kitchen update!