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Vintage Round Top Business and Branding Workshop

Saturday, November 4, 2017
Wow, how time flies and I can't believe it has already been over a month since I was in Round Top TX speaking at the Business and Branding workshop hosted by the fabulous Paige and Smoot, owners of the Vintage Round Top in the town of Round Top TX. Population 90, except for twice a year when hundreds of thousands of people fill this quaint little town hoping to buy or sell the miles and miles of vintage goods.
It's like nothing you will ever experience anywhere else in the world and so worth the trip if you aren't lucky enough to live nearby.
It was such an incredible experience to have the opportunity to participate in this workshop alongside
Maria from Two Peas and Their Pod  , Ashleigh Amoroso  and Kadie Smith from Dropcap Design.

The weekend started off with a Friday night dinner in the Vintage Round Top Boho house for all of the workshop panelists. The styling by Becki Griffins of Curious Details was incredible and the food absolutely fantastic.

Such a fun evening of getting to know one another. I can't think of anything better than a beautiful setting surrounded by interesting and extremely creative people to kick off a weekend!


The workshop started off with a morning session where I was able to speak as a panelist with Maria. I had the opportunity to tell my story on how I have been able to build a business purely from my Instagram and how sharing images of our work has grown in to a design and build business owned and operated by Brian and I.  Its been a lot of work but I still have to pinch myself at times because I can't believe this is our life now. 
The morning panel was followed by an afternoon of two workshops on how to grow your business and branding yourself. They were both so full of useful information and tips on how to use the simple tools you have on you to make an impact on social media. 
Ashleigh hosted a great workshop on using your phone to make the most of your photos and how to style them in a way that produces the biggest impact on your following. While Katie from Dropcap design taught the skills needed to properly brand your business and make it truly stand out amongst the masses. 

The Vintage Round Top is like nothing I have ever experienced in accommodations. The house is simply amazing in its design and the hospitality is of course exactly what you would expect in true Texas spirit. Lots of food, drinks, great conversation and laughter. Our two day stay was so relaxing and enjoyable and we cannot wait to go back! 

So many thanks to Paige and Smoot. Their kindness is contagious and talent far reaching. I only hope to have the opportunity to spend another weekend at the Vintage Round Top again soon. If you have never been then I highly recommend you put this on your bucket list.