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Christmas Tour 2016

Friday, December 9, 2016
Happy Holidays everyone!

So happy to have you hear and I hope you are just arriving from The DIY Playbook. I'm so happy to once again be taking part in The White Buffalo Styling Co. Tour.  Lindsay is simply the sweetest and so is her adorable home!

So I have to say this year a felt a tad bit of know, with this whole unfinished house thing happening and also the fact that my Christmas post from 2015 seems to be popping up everywhere this past week and I felt kind of like it was going to be a hard one to top....the pressure!! Joking of course, well maybe theres a little truth to all of that:)

Once again I kept with my theme of Simplicity. I hope you enjoy my little tour and don't forget to head straight over to Katie Gavigans tour because I know its going to be perfect!