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Christmas Tour 2016

Friday, December 9, 2016
Happy Holidays everyone!

So happy to have you hear and I hope you are just arriving from The DIY Playbook. I'm so happy to once again be taking part in The White Buffalo Styling Co. Tour.  Lindsay is simply the sweetest and so is her adorable home!

So I have to say this year a felt a tad bit of know, with this whole unfinished house thing happening and also the fact that my Christmas post from 2015 seems to be popping up everywhere this past week and I felt kind of like it was going to be a hard one to top....the pressure!! Joking of course, well maybe theres a little truth to all of that:)

Once again I kept with my theme of Simplicity. I hope you enjoy my little tour and don't forget to head straight over to Katie Gavigans tour because I know its going to be perfect!


Our Living Room: Progress and Barn and Willow

Monday, December 5, 2016
If you've been following along at all over here than you will know that little by little I keep posting about the updates to the house. Well its time to talk about this little living room of ours.
I found some old images of the house on line in its original state before the previous owners had remodeled. 
Waaaay Before

 The previous owners

After we demoed to make way for the new entryway.....Aaaack!
So this all leads me to where we are now and how I was going to take the room from the way it was before to the way I envisioned it for our family. I wanted to take a modern approach but keep the simplicity and not over style it.
When I started thinking about window treatments for our new home I knew I wanted simple. Our goal with this house all along has been to approach the design with classic touches and items that will stand the test of time. I wanted a simplistic well made design and thats exactly what I found with Barn and Willow. The drapery panels are beyond gorgeous and the workmanship is impeccable. I knew I was getting a great product but was blown away with just how nice these drapery panels really are when they arrived in the mail.
A little about the process....
I don't know about you but I'm a touch and see kind of girl and even though I work with E Design clients all the time and a lot of the furnishings I use are purchased online, I still get that little feeling of "what if this (insert item here) shows up and its garbage?!" Its the worst so I jumped for joy when I realized Barn and Willow will send you all the swatches you need to choose exactly the right panels for your home.  They will even send you an actual panel to rent for a small fee if you just can't decide from the swatches. That's incredible! So when I thought I wanted one kind while looking at the website but once the samples arrived I ended up choosing something completely different. I ultimately decided on the Belgian sheer linen in oatmeal with the privacy liner. After I decided on the correct length I ordered. If you need any help at all with choosing the correct length, material etc. they even have a free design session with a real designer that will help you chose exactly the right window treatments for your home.....AH-MAZING!
The After 
(just don't look too closely...we still have some work to do)
The bottoms are weighted so they hang to perfection and they even provide you with a lovely little cotton bag full of hooks for hanging rings if you so choose. I know I will eventually do this once I get around to it but for now they still look lovely just like this. 

The sheer linen allows so much light in to the room but the privacy panel keeps the world from seeing inside and the heat from escaping out those old windows. The windows are quite pretty but I certainly wouldn't call them efficient in the heating department. 
This little house of ours is slowly coming together. I can't even begin to make you understand how it started out but we had a vision and a plan and its beyond rewarding to see it come to life. I'm excited to have draperies in my home that are in keeping with our vision and I plan to continue using more of Barn and Willow in the near future....have you seen the linen roman die for!!!