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BSHT 2016 Thanksgiving Tablescape

Tuesday, November 8, 2016
Most of you know that we've been working our tails off to get this house not only livable (insert sarcastic chuckle) but also ready for my favorite holiday......Thanksgiving.
Its the only time of year that I get to be with my entire family all at the same time and for one week out of the year we all come together here at our house. All of us under one roof and its a constant state of laughter (usually at someone else'e expense) eating and relaxation. There is nothing better than seeing all the kids bunked up together still fast asleep, while I sneak down to the kitchen early in the morning, to make the first of many pots of coffee, and one by one everyone starts to wake. We always end up spending the morning, all together at the kitchen table, talking until someone finally declares "lets get this day started!" It makes me so happy just thinking about it.
When Lindsay from White Buffalo Styling Co. invited me to be a part of her Thanksgiving tour again this year I was on board from the start. Hopefully you've been able to see all the other tours and you just finished touring My Fabuless Life because her Thanksgiving brunch is amazing!

I bring to you my very simple Thanksgiving tablescape.

I hope you all have enjoyed this tour as much as I have and I have to give a big THANK YOU to Lindsay for creating such a fun tour with some many talented bloggers. Without her hard work we wouldn't be able to pull these off!
Let's CHEERS to hours of laughter, good food, great drinks and maybe even a little singing (we've been known to break in to song once or twice)  and all of it with those whom you hold dear this Thanksgiving.
We have so much to be thankful for. Let us not take one day together for granted. Let us never
miss a moment that could one day be our best memory.
Happy Thanksgiving friends!