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Renovations and Progress // Front Door

Sunday, October 16, 2016
Most of you know that we have been in our little house eight now for a couple of weeks and in that time we have created quit a mess!
We have demo'd so much of the house and I've been kind of keeping up with it on my Instagram stories but I thought it was time to show you at least some of the small progress we have made in the month we have owned this new home of ours.
So lets start with the front door.
Before we actually even owned the house we had the chance to work on it a little and it was the front steps that needed our attention first. Our appraiser wanted the steps to be fixed due to the fact that the mortar and bricks had become weak over the years and had started to crumble and become somewhat of a safety hazard. Brian and I agreed to tackle this project since the folks we purchased the home from had already been so accommodating to fix so many other items up to this point and honestly we just wanted to get in to the house already, so whatever it was going to take to move the process along, we were on it!

The first thing Brian and I did was remove all of the slate at the top of the steps and remove all of the broken bricks and replaced them with new ones. Filling in all of the cracks with new mortar.

Brian went over it with muriactic acid to clean them all up and they instantly looked so much better.
We also decided that with the amount of large trees we have around our home and all of the leaves and sticks that blow around, this white door wasn't going to work for us. So we painted it Sherwin Williams All Surface Enamel in Black Satin and I like it so much better. Now we need a new porch light and I'm thinking a nice large lantern would be pretty here when we replace the old light.
Here they are now. I love these old steps and I love that they still look weathered and worn but are safe and I don't have to worry about anyone hurting themselves when coming up to our door!
1 comment on "Renovations and Progress // Front Door "
  1. OMG that looks gorgeous now! What an improvement!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away