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Renovation and Progree // Dining Room

Sunday, October 23, 2016
I can't even right now with all this waiting, but so it is...... and its got me thinking about what its all going to look like eventually in here which prompted this little post about my Dining space/family room. 
So this is what the space used to look like....
This is the before image of the little addition on the back of the house. The previous owners were without kids and so this area served more as a party space with a wet bar. This wasn't the best way for us to utilize this area so instead we are going to install built ins at this end of the room. We will have a tv mounted in the center and it will become a small area for relaxing. I'm thinking a small super comfy sofa down there.  Here is the opposite side of the room. This is where our dining table will be. Its s large one...108" and so we have 8 chairs, four for each side. You may think thats way too big for this space but this is how we are approaching this house.....we want to share it with everyone! We want to make memories here and that involves lots of food and friends and we HAD to have a table that would fit all of our people at the same time. So if that means giving up some design space...well, we're cool with it. 
Here is the space now...oh help me Jesus.
(this is the side that used to have the wet bar) 

The carpet is out and the walls have been demoed. This opening to the right was widened after we had the ventilation duct moved to the right about a foot and a new header was installed. That will open in to the new kitchen. The walls need to be painted bright white. But I guess we actually will need ALL of the walls in before that happens. 
But can you see it? The dining space with the giant table that will serve so many evenings that lead to nights full of laughter, great food and even better, our people all doing life together. I can! 
And here are a few of the items I have chosen to live here in this space and I'm pretty dang pumped about it. CANNOT WAIT!!!
1 comment on "Renovation and Progree // Dining Room "
  1. I love seeing your updates on Insta and of course your blog!!! I love that you share all the in progress, not so pretty pics too. Thanks for keepin' it real!!