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Renovations and Progress/ #1 gets a new space of her own

Monday, October 31, 2016
When we first looked at this house I fell in love with this little room and I immediately knew it would make the perfect bedroom for our oldest daughter. It is completely separate from the other bedrooms in the home and it can be closed off from the rest of the house. There is a hallway door that shuts off this end of the house which includes her own bath and soon to be den one day. What more could a tween want!?!

The room was carpeted and there was some water damage in here so the first thing we did was tear out the old carpet. I painted the floor with Sherwin Williams Porch and Floor Paint in Whitetail 
Then we painted the walls, doors and trim in Sherwin Williams Super Paint in Extra White. 
Here is the After
The Extra White and Whitetail brightened up this once very dim lit room and now it feels light and fresh in here and perfect for my girl. 
I added natural bamboo roman shades to the windows for warmth and texture and also these cotton curtain panels to balance the window behind the bed. 
The Moravian Star pendent is my favorite part of the room since I have always wanted to incorporate one in to our homes design. 
The bed is HERE from Wayfair and we both absolutely love it! Its really the perfect bed for this space. The bedding is a mixture of some of my favorite IKEA essential pieces, Ballard Designs, Homegoods, Anthropologie and her favorite...this pillow from Taisa Silecky's shop on Etsy.
While searching for bedding for her space I came across Taisa's shop and fell in love with just about every piece she had listed! 

One day this little nook between her closets will be the cutest little window seat but until then it is the perfect spot for her computer and Lego creations. 
Im still on the hunt for right dresser for this spot. Something small that will fit perfectly under the  mirror. I'm still searching!

Renovation and Progree // Dining Room

Sunday, October 23, 2016
I can't even right now with all this waiting, but so it is...... and its got me thinking about what its all going to look like eventually in here which prompted this little post about my Dining space/family room. 
So this is what the space used to look like....
This is the before image of the little addition on the back of the house. The previous owners were without kids and so this area served more as a party space with a wet bar. This wasn't the best way for us to utilize this area so instead we are going to install built ins at this end of the room. We will have a tv mounted in the center and it will become a small area for relaxing. I'm thinking a small super comfy sofa down there.  Here is the opposite side of the room. This is where our dining table will be. Its s large one...108" and so we have 8 chairs, four for each side. You may think thats way too big for this space but this is how we are approaching this house.....we want to share it with everyone! We want to make memories here and that involves lots of food and friends and we HAD to have a table that would fit all of our people at the same time. So if that means giving up some design space...well, we're cool with it. 
Here is the space now...oh help me Jesus.
(this is the side that used to have the wet bar) 

The carpet is out and the walls have been demoed. This opening to the right was widened after we had the ventilation duct moved to the right about a foot and a new header was installed. That will open in to the new kitchen. The walls need to be painted bright white. But I guess we actually will need ALL of the walls in before that happens. 
But can you see it? The dining space with the giant table that will serve so many evenings that lead to nights full of laughter, great food and even better, our people all doing life together. I can! 
And here are a few of the items I have chosen to live here in this space and I'm pretty dang pumped about it. CANNOT WAIT!!!

Renovations and Progress // Front Entry

Tuesday, October 18, 2016
If you ever see my IG stories you may have seen how one week during all of this reno stuff that we've got going on around here, Brian had to leave for an out of town work trip and that left me here all alone with a sledge hammer...bad news people, bad news.
If you hear Brian talk about the reno process he will refer to each project as part of a phase. 
Phase I-the kitchen. 
Phase II- the built ins.
Phase III- bathrooms and so on......
If you talk to me....its ALL PHASE I and needless to say that makes him want to slowly kill the most loving way of course. 
Originally upon walking into the front door you were greeted smack in the face with a set of closets. I refer to it as the giant BOX O CLOSETS in the center of the house. One closet was in front of the front door, one was in the bedroom (which will be our den) to the left of the front door and the other was a shelved closet directly in front of the stairs. Good storage options, bad design.  

So this closet situation had me all in a tizzy because I seriously could not imagine living here and greeting my guests at a front door that was so cramped. I also do not like the idea that when you walk in to the house, you are immediately in the living room. I like to ease in to a space and there was no easing here. It was BAM you're now in my living space and well, I guess I've now invited you in whether I meant to or not. Maybe its not all that bad but you can see where Im going with this and even though I preach to my kids not to hate anything...this I hated. I HATED IT!
This brings me to the time when Brian left town....this is a theme in our relationship if you've followed us for awhile now. He leaves, I tear it up (the house, I mean..ha:) and he comes back and puts it all back together, but better, waaayyy better!
This was a beast to take down and what a mess but boy am I happy I did! 
Thankfully I have my helpers when dads away.
So much better already but that wasn't easy! 
 This all needed to come down but because I wasn't able to get this all on my own I had to wait for the big guns to get back home and he took care of the rest.
Here you can see how the floors were pretty tore up and the ceramic tile that had been put in sometime after the home was built. Brian would eventually demo all of this flooring so that the floor ran smoothly throughout the downstairs and there were no thresholds to worry about. 

And look now you open the front door and you have a clear and pretty sightline all the way to the staircase. This feels so much better already. 
Next on the agenda was to frame out the new entry way and even this disaster makes me smile because I can see the house changing already and I love it!
Brian cut out all of the old flooring down to the original subfloor . The dry wall was hung and whoa look how stinking gorgeous that is! We also painted the stairs with Sherwin Williams Porch and Floor Enamel in Inkwell..which I believe is my new favorite color!  
I can feel some wood trim in this color in the near future...

Here is a little before and after of the stairs...
Here is the flooring we chose to go over the subfloor and I think its going to make this new entrance in to our home so perfect.
So this is where we are at as of now. It's not even close to finished but we are well on our way.

Thats all for now but so much more to come soon! 

Renovations and Progress // Front Door

Sunday, October 16, 2016
Most of you know that we have been in our little house eight now for a couple of weeks and in that time we have created quit a mess!
We have demo'd so much of the house and I've been kind of keeping up with it on my Instagram stories but I thought it was time to show you at least some of the small progress we have made in the month we have owned this new home of ours.
So lets start with the front door.
Before we actually even owned the house we had the chance to work on it a little and it was the front steps that needed our attention first. Our appraiser wanted the steps to be fixed due to the fact that the mortar and bricks had become weak over the years and had started to crumble and become somewhat of a safety hazard. Brian and I agreed to tackle this project since the folks we purchased the home from had already been so accommodating to fix so many other items up to this point and honestly we just wanted to get in to the house already, so whatever it was going to take to move the process along, we were on it!

The first thing Brian and I did was remove all of the slate at the top of the steps and remove all of the broken bricks and replaced them with new ones. Filling in all of the cracks with new mortar.

Brian went over it with muriactic acid to clean them all up and they instantly looked so much better.
We also decided that with the amount of large trees we have around our home and all of the leaves and sticks that blow around, this white door wasn't going to work for us. So we painted it Sherwin Williams All Surface Enamel in Black Satin and I like it so much better. Now we need a new porch light and I'm thinking a nice large lantern would be pretty here when we replace the old light.
Here they are now. I love these old steps and I love that they still look weathered and worn but are safe and I don't have to worry about anyone hurting themselves when coming up to our door!

Halloween Inspired Front Door

Friday, October 14, 2016
Hello Everyone!!!
Its been awhile and Im so happy to be back! Im also pretty happy that my very first post in this new  house is a part of the White Buffalo Styling Halloween Home Tour.
Not a bad way to get back at it and if you are joining me from Cassie's blog thank you for being here.
I would really love to show you a full home tour with lots of amazing Halloween decor but alas the house is in bit of a tizzy at the moment and so I will default to the front door and the little bit of fall decor I could muster up in this chaotic mess of things!
Lots of pumpkins, gourds and a few little felt bats and we are ready for the trick or treaters to bombard our house. 
I'm pretty excited to see all the new little faces this year.

A very Happy Halloween to you all and now head over to Nesting with Grace to all she has done with her sweet home for the holiday.