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Monday, August 15, 2016
I am so happy to say my business is growing and I am one busy mama these days. That's great but the fact that I need to get organized ASAP is not! I never have the time to go out and get what I need and so that usually means that I pick up whatever I can while grocery shopping. I will say, this method hasn't been working so well....still very disorganized. Well, when Staples approached me and asked me to take part in their #makemorehappen campaign it seriously could not of come at a better time. I was given a small budget to work with and challenged to see just how far I could make it go and still get everything I need to be successful. Please know that even though this is a sponsored post all the opinions are of my own and I am pretty excited about what I found there.
So it was off to school with the older girls and on to Staples to get it done.
I had made a list of everything I really needed and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the store was to shop.
First thing on my list was notebooks. I go through tons of them because with each client visit I am taking notes, sketching out ideas and making lists. So when I saw these at 17 cents and $2 a pop I was blown away.

I will take them all thank you.
I spend most of my time visiting clients and so I don't need a lot of supplies. It's mostly your basic office needs to keep my business organized. Although, I do have a deep love for all things labels, paperclips, pens, highlighters...the list goes on and Staples not only did not disappoint but I will be completely honest, the prices were much lower than say my "grocery store brands" and even though it's a special trip, it's well worth for the money I will save in the long run. 
So now that I am all stocked up on notebooks, pens, know the essentials, the one thing that I have been needing and I mean like forever is an iPad. I work on site so much and I am constantly pulling up design pictures on my phone to show the client. I've always wanted an iPad to bring to consultations so that I can easily access the design images I need to show the clients. My phone is way too small and lugging around my laptop wasn't the best. It was actually the worst.
Well, imagine my delight when I realized that Staples not only carried Apple products but that they would price match too. I saved $100 dollars on my new iPad with the Staples price match guarantee!
Staples was so organized and easy to shop that I was in and out in a flash. Even with my two year old in tow. The sales staff was so courteous and kind. Real customer service people! Like the kind you are shocked by because you just don't see it much anymore. Every Staples associate that passed me said hello to my daughter and I and asked to be of service. That's worth going back in itself.
Once I retuned home it was time to set up my desk and get organized. 
It's seriously like the first day of school again for me. Like who didn't love school supply shopping back in the day!! 
I am finally feeling so much more organized and ready to get my business to the next level. Organization is so important for what I do. Keeping all the information for each client separate and easy to access is the key to my success which made me realize that this challenge was exactly what I needed to get me in gear and headed in that direction. 
 I am loving all my supplies. It actually made me sit down and completely rethink of my approach to my business and that is amazing!

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