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Dining Room Inspiration

Friday, July 8, 2016
When I picture the new house all I see is a lot of white. Lots of white paint to brighten up this little house and lots of wood pieces to bring in warmth. A lot of my clients are scared of white walls. They are and I don't blame them. White can be very harsh and if you don't layer your pieces and create texture and warmth then yes you have a very sterile and boring space. Not at all what I have in mind.
Im thinking lots of jute rugs, linen furniture and modern wood pieces with just a little black here and there for balance. 
I've been thinking about our new dining room. Its currently not a dining room in the house and so we've got some renovations to complete before anything else happens but here is what I've been thinking about.
 Awhile back I started spotting these bamboo and cotton lights everywhere. You can find them HERE and they have my design heart all twisted up! I think I may need them for the new fact his entire set up has me seeing hearts!

Once I finally tracked them down I realized, hey wait, I think my favorite Instagram friend and Blogger Trot Home has these in her home....and here they are! So beautiful!
I've also been thinking tables and I have a few in mind.  Maybe this table because its just too perfect.

Or this one here

Especially when its surrounded by six of these.

I'm pretty excited about seeing it all come to life in the next few months. 

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