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Client Console Before and After

Friday, July 1, 2016
Update to original post 
I'm so lucky to have the opportunity to work with so many different and wonderful people and sometimes I work on entire home designs with them and then other times its as simple as a certain area in their home needing a little styling.
 Not too long ago I had a client and friend email me about a console she had in her dining room. She had seen this photo on Pinterest and fell in love, so she reached out to a local carpenter and had one made for her own home.
The only thing was that she wasn't quite sure how to complete the styling on her own so it just sat for awhile....
It was becoming more of an eye sore than the beautiful console for her dining room that she had originally envisioned. Thankfully thats where I came in to help.
I met with her at her home and we talked about what her plans for the console. How had she planned on using it and how would it function in the space? Not only did I want it to be beautiful, I also wanted it to "work" there too. They have three kids and they also entertain guests and extended family over the holiday seasons so we wanted it to serve her as well.

I set out to collect all of the items I needed to complete the look she wanted.
I ran to Target and Homegoods and in those two stops I had what I needed! Love me some Target and Homegoods! 
Back to her house for a quick styling and it was complete. I never remove the tags right away just to be sure the client is happy with the results and we don't need to tweak anything. I also have every client give me a budget for all of the work I will be completing for them but I'm a bargain hunter by nature so yes, I totally looked for clearance items that would work and I found these amazing lamps! 

When discussing her original vision for the console she explained to me that they love the outdoors  and her husband had this hunting dog nut cracker that his grandfather had given to him and so she really wanted to incorporate that in to the design somehow.  I also made sure to style it with objects that not only looked pretty but that she could actually use when entertaining guests. I included the baskets at the bottom because you can never have too much storage in my opinion and they are a perfect spot for storing cloth napkins or extra dishes.
The completed design. I love how it turned out and I also love that I have amazing clients that send me follow up photos!!

2 comments on "Client Console Before and After "
  1. Awesome job! Love how this turned out!

  2. Love the look, Anissa! I'm sure she was absolutely thrilled with the transformation.