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A Room That Feels Like Her Own- with LexMod and UrbanWalls

Monday, July 25, 2016
So we've been living in the apartment now for a month and a half and we have about two more to go! I know in the grand scheme of things this isn't all that bad or that long but for the littlest people in the house it can feel like an eternity. Don't you remember being little and how slow the time can pass!
 I want the girls to adjust to the changes we have made as best as possible. I still want them to feel comfortable and happy in their surroundings, especially while we spend these few months in the apartment.
If we were staying here a lot longer I wouldn't even hesitate to really get in to making it feel like home but because I know that we only have about 60 days left I don't want to go crazy. I also don't want to spend a crazy amount of money on furnishings and decor that may not work in the new house. So pretty much everything is temporary right now and so is the design.
The one thing that I have been working on is changing out all of the mattresses. Believe me its time! I also know that mattresses will work no matter the design and also it gives us all the feeling of something new and special just for us. What is more personal than your bed, right?!
With all of the new mattresses we have received lately, I wanted to get the little miss one also.
LexMod offers the Aveline mattress and with the amazing reviews and even more amazing price point we had to try it!

The Aveline is exactly what the reviews say....super cooling, soft but also firm enough that I haven't woke up one night so far with an aching neck or back....yes, I said I, because these days my little one will only sleep if she is right next to me and I mean thats the only time. So basically, she better have a mattress Mama is comfortable on too. 

So now that her new mattress is finally here I was looking around the room and wondering, what can I do to make it feel more like hers?

Thats when UrbanWalls came to the rescue! 
I had used the Urban Walls decals in her room design in the old house so I already knew how easy they were to use and once again they didn't disappoint. 
You can watch the application process HERE
But oh my gosh, what a difference some beautiful flower decals can make! 

I cut them exactly the way I wanted them to appear and then applied them to the walls, which are textured and you would never even know it. The decals applied perfectly!

Just a few over her bed cascading from the corner and then a few across the room on the opposite wall. Perfectly girlie but not overdone. Such a perfect way to dress up her space without being committed to having to repaint or repair the walls when we move in a few months. Just peel them off the wall and we are done! 

1 comment on "A Room That Feels Like Her Own- with LexMod and UrbanWalls "
  1. Hello! Such a lovely room! I have been looking for some black and white bins similar to what you used. Do you mind sharing where you found them?