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Christeli Mattress

Tuesday, June 21, 2016
When we moved from the house in to the apartment just a few weeks back I sold pretty much everything we had except the items that we would continue to use or need.
I've always said that if you can start each new home with a clean slate then you have the advantage of only bringing in items that will truly work perfectly there. I also don't have one sentimental bone in my body so this isn't hard for me to do and thankfully my husband is on board.
But there was something that we, or should I say, she needed before we moved in and it was a new mattress and I mean badly! Like the one she has been using since she was in a crib was also mine at one point in my life and it had reached its end.  
Thankfully I am in a position that allows me to work with different companies and their products. I had heard of Chriteli mattresses through a friend a little while back and even though we had chosen a few different memory foam mattresses recently for our own room and guest room, I really wanted to know what they were all about considering they have been around since 1931. 
I chose a full size for her bed and of course it arrived shortly there after perfectly boxed up and easily accessible.
You can tell as soon as the mattress opens it is extremely well made and because I already own two different memory foam mattresses I noticed how this one seems to have more of the feel of a conventional mattress. The stitching is impeccable and there is a thickness to the mattress that makes it feel less like your typical memory foam and more like a traditional mattress. The tufted top and firmness of the mattress feel heavy duty and you know its going to last.
I love how firm it is! Way firmer than any other memory foam I have slept on but yet it forms to your body while you sleep and provides the needed support. I love a soft mattress but I'm also realizing that a soft mattress doesn't love me over time and I wanted to make sure she would continue to have the support she would need in a mattress as she grows.

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