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New Years 2016 Party Inspiration

Tuesday, December 15, 2015
Can you believe that 2016 is just around the corner?!! I am so excited to ring in the new year and of course that means party planning is on my mind! 
I love the idea of lots of guests all tucked in snug around our family room, sipping cocktails while listening to old jazz music and the roar of a fire in the background. With new years party's on my mind I had to sit down and visualize it all coming together. Of course that had to mean creating a design board of my perfect gathering space. 

Lot's of white and gold with just a bit of gray is how I envision my perfect party palette. I'm just so happy with my new Jonathan Louis furniture and I wanted to see what our family room would look like with more of a mid-century modern touch. I'm pretty much in love!
I need a few more rooms in my home because this design has me seeing with heart eyes! This Jonathan Louis Maddock sofa paired with the Mike Accent good!
I think that to have a great party you not only need good food and great drinks but you need good seating and enough of it! I have been to so many parties where the seating was minimal and you just end up squished in a corner with one or two people. I want my guests to fill a room and that means providing a place to sit and also a place to put their drinks. The space has to be inviting so I keep the furnishings close together which creates an atmosphere for conversation. I hate when the furnishings are so spread out in a room that you can't even hear what the other person sitting across the room is saying!
I added in the Randell Estate Cocktail Ottoman because its sleek and beautiful and it also reminds me of an amazing leather gray dress I once saw and still can't get out of my mind...the dress is long gone but this ottoman is forever!
I love the idea of a bench or in this case the Wright daybed across from a sofa. Perfect for a smaller space where you want to provide a lot of seating but you also don't want the room feel closed in or cramped. The backless design provides an obstructed sightline and the softness of the bed encourages sitting and chatting for long periods of time. Exactly what I want at my party! You don't want to throw a News Years party where everyone leaves before midnight.....that would be terrible!
So what are your New Years plans this year? Are you more of the black and gold kind? No problem...all these Jonathan Louis furnishings come in a array of fabric and color choices HERE so you can choose your own perfect palette.

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