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A New Mattress

Wednesday, December 2, 2015
We had been talking about getting a new mattress for about a year now. I would say it was around the time we both crossed over in to the forties and all of a sudden waking up feeling achy didnt have anything to do with how much dancing we did the night before. Not to mention my dear sweet husband has the back of a ninety year old man and not to be insensitive but seriously, I couldn't listen to the moaning and groaning one more day! 
So we started looking and like many of you know, a mattress is going to be a huge investment so you better get it right! 
Thats when I came upon the Leesa and I was intrigued. I first heard about them HERE and because I have been reading Jenny's blog for years I appreciated her honest review of the mattress. 
I also read all of the reviews on the Leesa site and I liked what people were saying. The kind folks at Leesa were so great to work with and a few days later we had a box sitting on our doorstep. 
How cool is this..
I was surprised to see how small the box was for a king size mattress and actually wondered if we had received the wrong size at first!

The mattress is compressed but all we had to do was take off the wrapping and the mattress started to take shape. Anyone thats ever had to haul a king mattress up a flight of stairs will appreciate this!
Let me just say this.....that night I got in to bed and people I am not even lying, it was like sitting on a cloud. It was so soft yet firm and I couldn't believe how well we both slept that first night! We have been sleeping on the mattress now for about 2 weeks and I will honestly say that I can only recall one time that I have had to ask my hubby to roll over from his snoring. If any of you have a husband or wife for that matter that snores, you will know this happens all night long, every single night! But not anymore thanks to our new mattress! My answered prayer! 
I would highly recommend a Leesa mattress so much so that while my sister was here over the holiday, I kept saying, "Seriously, go lay on my bed, seriously, you will love it!" I think I drove her a little bananas with it!
Use the code HERE and receive $75 off your Leesa mattress purchase!! 

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  3. I've heard that those beds work miracles, my wife keeps wanting us to get one. They're definitely money well spent, and the packaging is incredibly awesome. I remember hauling the last mattress I bought up the two stories of stairs to our house. The packaging alone might be enough to convince me to buy this thing.

    Dante Storey @ Healthy Bed Store