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Blogger Stylin Home Tour Thanksgiving Table

Thursday, November 5, 2015
Once again I am so happy to be joining Lindsay from White Buffalo Styling Co. and 31 other bloggers to bring you The Blogger Stylin Home Tour Thanksgiving Tablescape addition. If you are joining me from A Thoughtful Place.....Welcome!
Can you believe its already that time of year? I can't but I'm also so happy that it is because Thanksgiving means so many things to me but most importantly it means family. Family that I rarely get to see but only a few times a year and thankfully, Thanksgiving is one of those times. It also means its a chance to serve. Not just our guests but those in our community that may need a little extra help this time of year and what a wonderful way to serve others. Filling bellies and hearts all at the same time.
My inspiration for our table this year was all about bringing the outdoors in. If you know me at all, the one thing I have always wanted was a farm to table dinner outside with white lights strung over the table. What a better time to make that happen then Thanksgiving! So I dug out my lights and hung them over the table and all of a sudden the room is transformed. I love the glow from those lights and we don't even need to turn on our pendent. Its pretty much perfect.
I wanted to keep the table much decor and there isn't enough room for all the delicious food! 
I fell in love with these napkins when I saw them and they set the tone for the rest of the table. I like simplicity in my design so I let the flowers and food add the color to the table. Of course my gold flatware looked like perfection on those napkins....I'm crushing on them hard if you can't tell!

Eucalyptus is always a favorite of mine when it comes to setting a beautiful table. Adding a few red gerbera daises for contrast and my little mandarin oranges and I had a perfect trio of color. 

I love a table of mismatched chairs. It just changes things up a little and makes it more fun! 

I hope that you are gearing up for your own Thanksgiving and thinking about your own family and friends you will share it with. How wonderful to gather and celebrate being thankful! Taking the time to truly appreciate the gifts in our lives and maybe even feel the spirit of the season calling you to serve someone else. I wish you all a wonderful holiday season! Thank you so much for joining me today. Please don't stop the tour here because Burlap and Lace has so much more. I'm heading there now myself!


23 comments on "Blogger Stylin Home Tour Thanksgiving Table "
  1. I adore the casual and informal but so so beautiful setting. And as a German who has a sparkling water obsession of course I noticed the Gerolsteiner Mineralwasser ;)

  2. The lights add a nice touch! I love the rustic/modern combination. Very much my style!

  3. Gorgeous! I love the rustic feel- and the eucalyptus!

  4. Stunning! Love the lights and your beautiful rustic setting, I'd be very happy having a meal sat there! Beautiful! xx

  5. this looks so pretty! i love the string lights- they add a great cozy warmth!

  6. Beautiful - I love greenery used as a runner. The string lights add so much festivity to your dining space too!

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  10. Your tablescape is beautiful! The greens, flowers, and clementines are so understated and naturally pretty, and I love that you left room for the food. Your dining room is lovely by the way - the board and batten and your gorgeous table and chairs!

  11. Stunning. Can I come for Thanksgiving? Please??!!!

  12. It's beautiful, festive, uncluttered...people can actually see each other across the table. Brilliant! Gorgeous! Cheers, Ardith

  13. Somehow I missed this during the tours last week! I'm so glad I found it though. I ADORE your style!!

  14. Happily eating with family and celebrate joyful day is thanksgiving day. flowers decoration is more enthusiast by heart.

  15. Where are the gold flatware from and the napkins?