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At {mine}......the newest way to pin?!?

Tuesday, September 8, 2015
So I'm here today to give you the low down on this new to me sight called at{mine}
I'm pretty sure it was designed for my ever lovin design heart in mind but I also invite you all to hop aboard this jet straight to interior design heaven! I would guess if you are even reading this than you are going to love it because well, don't you come to blogs for the sheer motivation and inspiration they bring to your creative mind...I know, I do!

Let me say that I love the way it is set up so that you can explore so much easier then say some other design site. When you are in the Explore section it brings all these wonderful categories up and you can choose where you feel like going today. I love that these photos are uploaded from a community of design minded peeps just like us! These aren't all glossy, unattainable, perfectly photographed homes. They are real homes created by mamas and others too that love home and design and want to share it all with us! Pretty cool.


So check this nifty little gadget out. When you scroll over the images all of a sudden the info. about the contributor pops up. Just like here above. You can see where they are from, their name and their at{mine} profile name so following your favorites is so much easier!
Most of the people contributing to the at{mine} community at this time are from Europe and not so many from the US so I seriously feel like I found the next P.....uh, um!! You know what I'm saying...(insert winky face ;)
Its better y'all!
Here is the profile I started just a little while's a little sad and needs some work because honestly I have spent most of my time on here looking at everyone else's images!!
Okay so check this out. Not only can you find amazing pics to inspire you but you can also tag items for others to shop from! GET OUT!!
See here above how I tagged this sign in Everly's nursery.
I am seriously crazy about at{mine} and I think you will be too! Its so full of inspiration and new design and such a wonderful community of creatives just like you and me! I really hope you give it a try because I think you might love it too and I would highly recommend taking a peek at the at{mine} blog featuring all kinds of inspiring work and super fun contests. Here is my disclaimer as always... that I will just apologize now for wrecking any chances of you get anything else done today.....Enjoy!

2 comments on "At {mine}......the newest way to pin?!? "
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  2. Do you upload via computer or is there an app (a la instagram-pinterest hybrid)?