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Epiphany's Corner and Something New to Love

Thursday, August 13, 2015
I feel so blessed that I have the opportunity to meet wonderful people who have decided to make that leap of faith, follow their dreams and pursue a life full of purpose.
Krystal is one of those people....
She made the life changing decision to leave her career in engineering and stay at home with her family. Living a life that fills her soul and allows her to be the creative that she was meant to be. I love meeting women like Krystal. They give me hope that I have chosen the right path too...the one that allows my soul to sing and my dreams to soar. 

She soon opened her shop Epiphany's Corner and it's filled to the brim with her beautiful work! I am so lucky to own a piece of her artwork and after much debate around our home (we all wanted it) my oldest daughter won out and she now has it displayed in her room. 

I love every single thing about this canvas! First of all it is one of my favorite quotes.
I Believe In Christ Like I Believe In The Sun.....Yes, Yes, Yes. Those words, they fill my heart and because I want my daughters to know this feeling too, this canvas will always be on display in our home. The way the canvas was created with the flowers surrounding the words only makes the meaning that much more beautiful.
 When it arrived in the mail and after we all decided that it should be in here, it was go time! I swear, all it takes is a new piece of art and my creative brain starts working over time. Her room got a complete face lift because I needed to have that perfect spot for it!

Now it rests here on her night stand. 
Those words greeting her first thing in the morning and the last thing she will read at night.
 So much beauty created around these powerful words. 
Such an amazing gift to know and to believe.
I could go on and on about how much this artwork means to me but I can't end this post without sharing a few other pieces that are in her shop that have me all....sigh....

I don't have enough walls!! 
But you might?!? Head over to Epiphany's Corner and fall in love with something for your own home! Use the coupon code HOUSESEVEN and all your orders will receive 30% off through the end of the month!! 

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