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English Rolled Arm Sofas...I love you!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015
So I've been thinking lately a lot about this family room of ours and possibly changing things up a bit.   Like with a new sofa!! 
I'm pretty much obsessed with the English Roll Arm, they make me all giddy!
I keep thinking about what I could do with this beauty in my own living room and I admit, Im becoming a little obsessive about it! My style is a bit more relaxed and I love how this sofa makes you want to just fall right in and snuggle. 
 It has clean lines but it is still plush and welcoming. Its got its act together but isn't stuck up about it. The qualities I also admire in a friend so why not my sofa too!
 Now its not like I want to go around speaking poorly of my sectional because she has served us well but it was also a compromise purchase of sorts and now I think we may have to move her on to a new place in our home where she will still be loved but won't hinder my urge for changing it up every now and again. Because honestly its making me a little crazy not to have options for furniture arrangement in there!

I'm still in the dreaming stage and who knows how this will all shake out but its definitely on my mind. 
We shall see......

3 comments on "English Rolled Arm Sofas...I love you!"
  1. It's cool how you are constantly moving things around and re-arranging. Keeps everything looking fresh! Those sofas look very comfy.

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