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Big Girl Bed and Natti Natti

Monday, August 17, 2015
My little's room. I feel like it won't be long before its no longer a nursery but her big girl bedroom. I am holding on to this "baby" stage for dear life and even though she is still sleeping in her crib every night, I know that the day is coming when she will no longer want to be in there. She frequently climbs out during nap and I can hear her little feet pitter pattering across the floor upstairs while she is supposed to be asleep. My first clue was when I walked in to her room last week to find her sitting all sweetly in her crib filled with all her shoes and she was just having the greatest time trying them all on.....the girl loves her shoes! 
So yesterday, I made the long walk to the basement and pulled out the old toddler bed. 
Sniff. Sniff. 
I hoped that she would turn up her nose and say, NO WAY Mama, I'm never giving up my crib but unfortunately that was not the case. I can't say that she wants to necessarily sleep in it but climbing and jumping on it....oh yes! 

In fact, that is exactly what she did while I tried to pull the rest of her room together. Straitening up with her around is almost impossible. 
Once its all in its place you turn around and BAM its tossed across the room again!! Toddler life. 
For me the best part about bringing up the bed was the opportunity to use her new Natti Natti bedding. 
Oh, I am so serious when I say its probably the softest bedding I have ever felt. Its like butter! No lie. I had read how soft it was but seriously I was shocked when I opened up the package and had the chance to feel it for the first time. I want need them to make a giant one for my bed!
After all the fun of jumping on the bed I decided that tonight was not the night to try out the bed for real and I moved everything to her crib...I just can't do it. 

Her room is so minimal so I love the little deer and tree motif on the bedding to bring in a little quirkiness and fun to the space. If you are not already familiar with Natti Natti, which means Nighty Night (so cute) I highly recommend them after receiving this bedding for Ev's room. And because she is a blankie addict, she also has a new little twigs blanket to snuggle, how could I resist, its the cutest! One of the things that really made me fall in love with this company is that they are a husband and wife team out of Brooklyn who have children of their own. They had a vision to create something truly special for their children that would help them sleep better. All the designs are swedish inspired and they only use the highest quality organic cotton. 
Because I truly believe in choosing wisely and and buying far less then I ever have, I want the items I do invest my money in to be quality and to last. 
But I also want them to be pretty. Natti Natti fits this perfectly!

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