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Lunch on the Patio

Wednesday, July 29, 2015
I wish I liked to cook. 
I really do. But I really just don't. I think I used to? I really think its the mess afterwards that I'm not real fond of.  That mean's, I pretty much leave all the cooking up to my husband. Thankfully, he loves to cook and he's really quite good at it so we don't starve! 
But every now and again I will, and when I do, its this....Chicken Lime Soup. Its is the soup of all soups! 
It has just about everything wonderful in it and I could eat it every single day. Its also the thing I know I can serve to my guests and not worry that its going to be a major fail. So when my friend said she was coming for lunch last week I thought perfect...I will make soup. Seriously, it was 90 degrees outside and I still was all about it! 
Not to mention I had just received these adorable dishes from Trend Addictions and I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to use them! 
The fact that they are all white and grey with the tiniest bit of red trim around the edge....ahhhh! 
And this's darling! My husband hates it when I say. "darling" but I can't help myself, it just really is! This day it was for water (did I mention, it was so hot and I served soup) but I'm thinking of all the other fun drinks that I could serve in it...Margaritas anyone?!!
I first came across the shop Trend Addictions on Instagram and now I'm hooked! This is my place for great gift idea's and I always seem to find something I want too...go figure! 
It was such a beautiful day, lunch was amazing, if I do say so myself and we had so much fun eating, drinking and chatting that we decided that this needs to happen every month! I agreed to bring the cute dishes next time and she agreed to make the food. Otherwise, you can pretty much guess whats on the menu.  
Because I know there might be a few of you that read my little blog and might actually like to cook and want to make this too...because you really should. I am including the recipe HERE! 
And because I know there are a few of you who would really rather look at pretty things and shop. I am happy to say that Trend Addictions has partnered up with me to sponsor an amazing giveaway on my Instagram!! 
Just pop on over to my Instagram HERE and find this picture below and enter to win a $50 gift card to their shop!! 
But seriously why wait when you can use the coupon code HOUSESEVEN and receive 20%off your order today!
Oh my goodness you can eat Chicken Lime Soup while you shop!!

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