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Lunch date and Uashmama

Friday, June 26, 2015
For the past year Friday has been my day off. I use the term "day off" lightly because well, Im a mama and mama's don't get days off! Which is fine by me because I love these little nuggets of mine and I realized a long time ago that I love being with them more then anything else.
So every friday the four of us head out on an adventure of sorts. We go exploring. Which really means that I make them tag along with me while I try out new lunch spots. 
This past week we lunched at a trendy new pizza place downtown....I'm doing my best at hipster mom these days! We also came to the conclusion that visiting these places during their slowest times of the day keeps this Mama from completely losing her mind.
Bringing three girls along with me everywhere I go has resulted in carrying a lot of stuff around. Like it or not! Not to mention, I am not a diaper bag mom so I always need something a little oversized but still cool that will fit the multiple devices, diapers, wipes, shoes (cause who keeps those on?) and then maybe just maybe there is some room left in there for my things. 
So I was pretty excited when I found my new Giulia Bag by Uashmama. 
Its paper! Seriously, its made from washable yet super durable paper that feels like leather. Even the Mr. was impressed and he doesn't get in to this sort of thing!  If you haven't heard of them yet, its a family run company 'Le Sorelle', which is made up of four sisters so of course this was near and dear to my heart.  Oh and check out the cutest little key know for when, if ever, I'm just out by myself and don't need all this extra storage.
But for now this is my life and this bag has been the perfect solution. Its not super heavy and it fits all my (their) stuff without me having to dig for it. 
We really had too much fun checking out this new pizzeria and basically had the entire place to ourselves so that was pretty awesome! Check out this graffiti wall. My middle one was all about it and asking if we could do that in her room? Maybe!! Personally I was dying over the cool lighting and of course all the white! White, Black, could I not love this place?
When we had sufficiently made the entire restaurant staff crazy with our antics and picture taking it was off to explore the rest of downtown. I'm a city girl at heart and I would so live down here if I could just get the Mr. on board.
The girls love all the shops and I love the architecture. This red door and navy entry..I wouldn't mind calling this home. 
It turned out to be one of our best exploring days yet and I'm looking forward to seeing what today brings because its Friday y'all!! Oh and you can believe that this Uashmama bag is coming along. When I find something that works and is this cute and modern on top of it...I'm hooked! 
Okay sorry but just one more of this door!!

3 comments on "Lunch date and Uashmama"
  1. Blog is looking really great, Anissa!

  2. I like Your blog very much! Thanks for Your ideas and photos!

  3. Love Pizzology! I never thought I'd say this but their brussel sprout pizza is to die for! I currently live on the east side but lived downtown for 2 years when we first moved to Indy and I loved it. I'd love to live on Mass Ave!