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Cataluv my new obsession

Monday, June 22, 2015
This past weekend was pretty much like the rest of our weekends lately....crazy busy! 
I had all these big plans of shopping for some new stuff for the house...some needed...some I just wanted. Well, basically it was a complete fail because by the time everyone was dressed, fed, diapers changed, hair combed and maybe if they actually remembered to brush their teeth with out me reminding them like 10 times we would be out of the house by noon! 
Then when we all finally do get out its just a series of "I have to pee" "I'm thirsty" "please buy these new toys" "She's looking at me"! I can't even concentrate on what I'm looking for or really why I'm even in this store in the first place. Like how many times have you looked at your kids just being completely nuts in a store and thought....Why did I even think this was a good idea?!?
So we all went home and I bought nothing! Good for the wallet, bad for my disposition! 
Well, thats why when the lovely creators of Cataluv invited me to check out their new app that is now available in the iTunes store I was intrigued. 
The best way for me to describe it would be that if Pinterest and Instagram had a baby, it would be Cataluv! Its seriously the greatest of both worlds because you get these amazing inspirational images but then you also have the option to purchase the items you see right then and there. Super easy and no kids screaming at you that they want out of the cart while you shop!

I'm so impressed with the images on the app and how user friendly it is. It's such a fun way to shop and how nice to be able to see all the products styled as you shop for them as opposed to them sitting on a store shelf or shopping each individual item on line. You can create an entire look with just a few taps and your done because you can purchase the items right in the app and you aren't redirected elsewhere, which I have found can be a pain! I also love that you can save your favorite inspirations from the app so you have them available when you are ready to purchase. Its really perfect for someone like me that can't necessarily always purchase everything I want right then and there. 
One of my favorite retailers Canvas Home is on the Cataluv app! Their home decor is so good and 
well, you know its always a good thing when I can tell you that Cataluv has partnered up with Canvas Home to give you all the chance to win one of their Dauville Pitchers and also a teacup and saucer set. 

Oh my I love these!! 
Pop over to my Instagram to enter...this giveaway is only for 2 days so you better do it now! 
Oh and make sure you download this free app today here! I've been on it everyday since it went live and I'm pretty much obsessed!