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The cutest baby swing you ever did see!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015
I love creating spaces in my home that are not only beautiful but are also functional and fun! Like our playroom. Oh this little room of ours! This is our first home where we actually had a real playroom and even though my older two daughters don't really play in here much, my littlest certainly does. I've slowly been turning it in to a space that she will play in during the day while I try my best to get a little work done. As usual, I have big design plans for this room but for now its really all about what is in the room that makes it! And for me its this new baby swing from Hammmade Furniture! Oh my goodness, its the sweetest little swing I have ever seen and the fact that it is also made by this wonderful couple who own the company, well that makes it even more special! 
Oh you should have seen the giant smile that spread across her face when she saw it hanging in here for the first time! I think she enjoyed pushing her dollies in it so much she didn't even realize it was for her to swing in also. 
When I was little, I shared a room with my brother for quite some time and although it wasn't a terrible thing by any stretch, I would of loved a special room of my own. Giving each of my girls a special place just for them makes me so happy! 

We are so happy with the addition of the swing in to the room, its perfect in here. I love the way its finished to look a bit weathered which creates a vintage feel to it. There is a large selection of finishes to choose from which is really nice. I chose Restful White and I think that it came out beautifully! 
After receiving our baby swing and seeing the amazing quality of how it is built I had to look at all the other items this adorable shop has to offer and y'all (yes I said it) you are going to die when you see this.......
Is that the most amazing Swing Bed you ever saw!!! Oh my gosh, I want to sleep on this porch every single night of my seriously, I do! I even may have asked my husband if he can build me a back porch to accommodate this beauty. Building a porch to have a swing bed sounds perfectly logical to me!! Yes?!? I could really gush on about this family and the shop they have built but you 
must go see for yourself. Not to mention the amazing farmhouse they are building! HERE

6 comments on "The cutest baby swing you ever did see! "
  1. I don't know what's cuter...the baby or the swing! We'll call it a tie! Looks great.

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  5. cute little bedswing for a little angel. loved the concept thanks for the idea