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Organizing this little life of mine

Monday, May 18, 2015
To say my life has become a little busier over the past few months would be a major understatement. Its become so busy that sometimes I wonder how I can possibly keep up?
But then that little voice in my head whispers..."It's finally happening and you can do this!" 
I can do this! 
I can make this one precious life of mine exactly the way I want it to be with lots of hard work and reminding myself constantly that great things take time. They take time and they take organization...lots and lots of organization. 
The one thing I noticed over the past few months as my business has grown and my days had become filled with different tasks. I started to feel completely disorganized and that my productivity was slipping away from me. I would crash in to bed at night exhausted but I just didn't feel like I was accomplishing as much as I wanted to during the day. 
It was a lot of "Where did the day go?!!" 
But then I started to examine how I was spending my time and realized I was losing a lot of hours because I didn't have a plan for each day.  It went something like....
 Wake up, start a task, get distracted, feed the kids, go back to task, oops, forgot to put in the laundry, heard something brake, go investigate, clean it up.....wait what was I doing again? UGH!
This is exactly how 7am turned in to 11pm and I couldn't figure out why I hadn't completed the work I needed to for the day. I needed a way to organize my life- a simple way. 
Let me introduce you to the 2015 Day Designer by Whitney English
 This planner has changed my life. The simple four step process is so easy to follow and has helped me to focus on the important things in my life while at the same time moving forward with my business by creating a plan for not only each day but for the entire year! 
The Well Designed Day has been my life saver. This is your daily page to use however works best for you! I love the simplicity of the daily page by giving you a place to write down your top three goals for the day along with your To Do's and a column to plan out how you will execute those goals hourly. I'm not, what I like to call, a "super organizer". That's what I call those mom's who have those monthly spreadsheets with all their kids activities listed, the freezer meal dinners they have planned out for the year, doctors appointments, parties planned and whatever else goes on this massive list of To Do's and Must Do's! Oh my gosh, it makes my head hurt just thinking about the amount of highlighter fumes they must have inhaled! The thing is, it makes me slightly jealous that they can be so organized but then at the same time, I know that will NEVER be me, so when I found the Day Designer, I seriously felt like I finally found my answer.
It gives you a place for realistic goal setting by providing just the right tools to help you navigate your yearly, monthly and daily tasks. 
It's simply the perfect tool to assist you in living a well intentioned life. 

1 comment on "Organizing this little life of mine"
  1. You really can't do better than this planner. Just be sure to book her before someone else does! I don't even know where to begin in describing how great this planner is. There were so many little things that the event coordinator and her assistants did for us.