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Mothers Day Wish List

Thursday, April 30, 2015
Now please believe that I'm the happiest when I am with my kids and being a Mom is something I have wanted since I can remember so I kind of feel like I already have my three perfect gifts on Mother's Day. 
On the other hand, I do love opening presents (who doesn't??) and if my littles want to with Daddys help, get me something to say thank you for being our mommy on this special day then go right ahead! I also have an amazing husband who actually asks me for a wish list each year so I can get something I really want but still be surprised at the same time...which I like very much! 
So today I thought I would share a few things on my list. 

Ahhhh, the JuJu Hat! I have wanted one of these beauties for quite sometime now but can't pull the trigger because they all seem to be a little out of my budget. This is definitely on the high end $$$ of my wish list but I oh the happy dance I would do to have one of these...white of course!
Have you all tried one of these soy candles from Linnea's Lights? Oh my goodness they are amazing! They are a little bit of a splurge but oh so good. I love how they come in this super cute packaging with this little book of match sticks inside. The Cashmere scent is my favorite!
Tocca Parfume in Cleopatra is my go to scent of all time! I'm one of those rare birds who can't seem to keep a fragrance...I spray it on and my skin absorbs it all completely and you can't smell it at all. But this seems to last all day and not only that but I get stopped all the time from people inquiring about what scent I'm wearing. You can find it HERE and oh, I'm telling you, its the very best!
The go to for all of us super busy working mom's! I could so use one of these at this point to get this crazy life of mine in some kind of order!! I mean, seriously!
But nothing makes my heart smile like a simple Ball Jar full of peonies. So simple and so perfect!
Happy early Mother's Day to all you Mama's out there! XO

My Thrifty Lampshade DIY

Tuesday, April 28, 2015
 I guess this Inspire me DIY challenge has me motivated to get my craft on instead of purchasing new items I don't really need...wanted, but did not need!  Im repurposing what I already have and it feels good to know I'm not spending anymore money, thats for sure.
I actually did purchase the pair of lamps for the entryway because we have been in desperate need of light in that area and these were on sale, so I went ahead and got them. The thing is, they came with these peachy pink shades. I wanted them to work, I really did but they looked terrible with the grey walls! It reminded me of the 80's when all my outfits where blush pink florals and I wore them with grey flats....I was so on trend for 1987! 
That is why I borrowed the shades from the lamps on our nightstands for the reveal. The black was way better. 
Well, after the reveal the shades had to go back and I was getting ready to look at Target online for two more when I had this thought....I have black paint, why don't I just paint the pink ones.
and thats what I did
Please excuse the bad selfie and red clearance tag still hanging on the lamp..BAH!
But way better, right?! 
(also, the lampshade was still wet, hence the discoloration)
The newly painted shades.
 Even my 9 year old said, "Way better that way Mom" 
Oh and yes, yes, I moved this table back because I've got plans for the dresser but I can't show you all just yet.  

Inspire DIY Reveal

Monday, April 27, 2015
It's Monday and the day for all the big reveals for our Inspire DIY Challenge and I couldn't be more excited to see what everyone has been working on! 
I posted this little sneak peek on Instagram last night and today I get to show you my finished project but not before I remind you and myself what she used to look like.
and NOW!
This DIY was done in 4 easy steps!
1.Paint Stripper
2. Sand
3. Furniture Paste
4. New Pulls 
The first thing we did was use paint stripper to take all the paint of and then it was time to sand her down. Sorry about the grainy pictures...eek...this is what happens when you take a picture in a very dark garage! 

After quite of bit of sanding she was starting to look even better.
 I won't lie, Brian did all of the sanding!
The next step was Minwax Wood Paste Finishing Wax rubbed on with a clean rag.
We changed out the pulls from the old broken ones to these new rubbed bronze ones. 
Then it was time for a little styling.
I added in the lamps from Homegoods and these sweet little ring dishes from TJ Maxx. I did steal these black lamp shades from our room so I'm thinking I will need to buy a few more now. Some of my own artwork , and what I mean by "artwork" is I painted some quick lines on card stock and then Sharpied another. Oh, and of course a succulent...I kind of love them everywhere. 

I will confess this was a super quick little DIY and honestly those are my favorite kind since I have absolutely no patience. This INSPIRE DIY CHALLENGE was so fun and exactly what I needed to get it done! 
Check out the other reveals today from these super talented bloggers and hopefully it will give you the motivation you need to finish that project that has been waiting on you! 
Good Luck!

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Joss and Main and one last post

Saturday, April 25, 2015
First let me say Im so touched by all the awesome support and encouragement since my sale went live! I'm seriously blown away!
Such a fun opportunity for me to be a part of something so great as a home tour on Joss and Main
Well, the sale will end tomorrow but I couldn't let it go with out a few more of my favorite items from the sale that Im thinking might end up in my home sooner then later!

Apparently, I have some sort of thing going on with console tables and dressers right now! 

Oh and this bed!!! Gah! I can't stand it, I love it so much! 
Do I need a new bed?! No. Do I want this to be my new bed...yes! 


Thursday, April 23, 2015
Do you have a DIY project that you started awhile back but then this little thing called life got in the way and well, its still sitting there unfinished?
I can relate. I think my problem is that it was the coldest, longest winter in the history of all winters! This is most likely said by me every spring but I swear this past year was the worst of them all.
Well, because I have absolutely no desire to ever be cold and using paint thinner in my basement isn't something I want to do, I decided that a DIY project wasn't at the top of my list. 
My husbands list is another story! He's the guy that does all the BIG remodels, wood flooring, trim work, etc. etc. while I handle the smaller stuff like furniture and painting. 
So you may be wondering where this is going?

Well, a few of my blogging friends and I got together on Instagram with much prompting from our amazing host Kennesha from Restoration House Interiors and decided that it was time for another 
I will say that I was pretty tickled that she asked me to join. I don't know about you all but I have been following these ladies blogs for so long that they are kind of like celebrities to me! Seriously! So after years of reading these blogs and being blown away daily by the talent happening there I had that "Oh my goodness, you want ME to do this with you?" moment. 
That was followed up with "Oh yikes, what am I going to do?" 
So I started looking around this place and it didn't take me long to figure it out. 
Have I ever showed you this?
Waaaaay back when, I wrote a little blog called Two Little Bugs Clothing where I did a little DIY to this dresser. Its funny how I can look back and see the progression of how my blog slowly started to change from clothing design to interior styling. I purchased this dresser at an auction for like $6, I think, and I wanted to make it new again, so I did what everyone did five years ago...I painted it, white! 

It was so cute and at the time and made a perfect little entry table. Then we moved and my taste evolved, yaddy, yadda, yadda and our entry turned in to this
The dresser has moved around a little but now its just sitting in my garage looking all sad and wondering what's going to happen to her!
I think she deserves to makeover (yes, I sometimes refer to my furniture as him and her) and so that is exactly what she's going to get! 
I hope you will visit my other friends and check out what they have in store. Just follow  
#INSPIREMEDIY on Instagram to see all the fun projects that I hope will motivate you all to get some of your own DIY finished and use the hashtag so we can see them too! Then check back with me on Monday 4/27 here and on Instgram for the big reveal!! I can't wait!

Joss and Main Dining Room Inspiration

Wednesday, April 22, 2015
Oh Joss and Main why do you have to be so good!! 
I was window shopping on the site last night....what?  
I can't help myself! 
Anyway, I am so in love with this Round Richard Table that I just had to see what it would look like with the Hannah Side Chairs because, well, I love them too! 
Then it was, well what about the Maxwell bookcase.... and you can see how my night went! 
I love how all these pieces work together. It's rustic and industrial but still very feminine all at the same time. Perfect mix in my opinion. Have you had a chance to check out the sale? I hope you will! It's all over at the end of the week so don't miss it! 
I'm serious when I say there is really so many good pieces....of course I'm a little biased but I think you might agree! 

{sponsored post but every single opinion is my own}

VOL25 Antler Series

Tuesday, April 21, 2015
If you don't already know, I'm kinda obsessed with antlers. 
I have them everywhere in my home and I love how they are the perfect rustic yet somehow modern accent to a rooms decor. 
Well, you can imagine my excitement while on the Nester's blog one day when I ran across an image of a wood and canvas wall hanging of what else, but a vintage antler science poster. {Here} 
GAH! I was in love with it!! 
Well, because I am an Instagram loving girl I had to find VOL25 on there and follow her feed! 
Oh what a sweet lady Jessica Rose is! She is not only an amazing talent but her kind heart and love for her family shines through in her photos. My heart ached last summer when I saw her little town of Patero's engulfed in flames and read her words and how she kept her faith through it all. What an inspiration she is! I knew I loved her and hadn't even met her! You know how that happens? How funny, these little connections that can be made without ever having the chance to really meet.  
I can't even begin to tell you how happy it makes me and how it fills my heart to have a piece of her beautiful art work in my home! 
Look what came in the mail the other day...
Even the packaging is gorgeous! 
Here my new canvas science poster { Antler Study Vol. 1} hangs and every time I see it, I love it more! 

Its the perfect addition to the room and you will probably see it move around my house depending on my mood but right now this is the perfect spot! 
Please go check out her shop Vol25 on Etsy and all the beautiful work she has to offer. You are going to fall in love with her too, I just know it! 

House Seven and Joss and Main

Sunday, April 19, 2015
Hello friends!
I have been keeping some big news from you and I am happy to announce that my home tour is being featured on
  Joss and Main and went live tonight!! 
Oh and wait till you see the featured items in the sale! I'm loving all of it and honestly would love to have every single piece in my home. Some of my favorites are here below. I love how they represent that modern farmhouse feel that I have been working towards with my home. 

I think that you all will love the items in this curated sale just as much as I do so head over to Joss and Main and check it out for yourself! Not to mention it would totally make me happy to know you all had a look at what I've been working on. If you can't tell I'm pretty excited about this! 
{This post was sponsored but every single opinion here is my own} 

Painted white planked floors

Friday, April 17, 2015

Something I have been considering for our home for awhile now is wide planked floors painted white.....swoon!
If you have been on my Instagram feed the past week you may have seen a little of what we have going on over here.

Our entire upstairs is carpeted and even though we invested in the "best" carpet the builder offered and upgraded the carpet pad, after only two years in this home, Im sad to say, it looks like crap! 
Not everywhere but definitely in the high traffic areas and it even has started to buckle. We even had it re-stretched but to no did it again. It stinks when you spend so much time working on your home and then you see something like that staring you smack in the face on the daily! 
What to do?
Well we didn't want anymore carpet, thats for sure! Because we didn't really have the money in the budget to completely rip out all of the upstairs carpeting, we have decided to start this next DIY small and see how it goes before tackling the entire upstairs all at once!
Along with the carpeting issue I had also been itching to change up our master bedroom. I know, I know, we just did this last year! Well, let me tell you something.....I don't like it. I know there are a lot of people out there that love it and have been super kind to give me all kinds of compliments on it but for me its just not working anymore. I need white! I need clean and bright and right now thats not the feeling I get when I am in there. I also believe that if you want to change something in your home and you can change it then you should! All the time, every time! 
If you missed it on IG then here is the little sneak peek of whats happening in the Master, its actually being worked on by the handiest husband ever, right now! 
I can already tell I'm going to love it. The simplicity of this picture is speaking to my soul and I'm in love! I can't wait to reveal the entire room in the next few weeks and share how we are doing these super amazing budget friendly floors!

Spring Home Tour

Thursday, April 16, 2015
Hello everyone!
 I'm so excited to be a part of the Blogger Stylin' Spring Home Tour hosted by Lindsay from the
White Buffalo Styling Co. 
If you are visiting today from My Fabuless Life, I'm so happy to have you here!
We built our home and moved in two years ago. It was your typical tract home with not much detail and nothing to set it apart from any of the other homes in the neighborhood with the same floor plan. But we loved the layout and we love the neighborhood, its our second home in this neighborhood after all! 
Because we aren't ones to shy away from a good DIY, as soon as we were unpacked we got going! The first thing we wanted to do is add some texture and dimension to the interior with trim work. 
I mean a lot of trim work! 
One of the next projects we tackled was to pull all of the carpet of the staircase. (here)
Thankfully our builder used all pine and we didn't have to mess with plywood risers. Huge bonus!
Family Room
One of my favorite elements in the home is our planked walls. I'm a little obsessed with them!

Oh my kitchen!! 
We just finished the remodel in here about a month ago and I couldn't be happier with how it all turned out. I have been dreaming of a kitchen with Carrara Marble and butcher block countertops and a farm sink for as long as I can remember. I still have to pitch myself when I walk in here because I can't believe I live here!

Sometimes people will tease us about how we live in a "fixer upper"or ask why we would tear apart a perfectly good, brand new home?!! Well, we want our house to work for us and we want to LOVE our home! We didn't have the budget to build our dream home from the ground up so we are taking it a little by little and making it become our dream home with a lot of hard work and patience. We have also figured out along the way that we really love doing it ourselves. This might sound crazy but its actually brought my husband and I closer together...DIY is "our thing" who knew?

Work Room

Dining Room


Oldest's Room
Middle's Room
Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you will come back and visit here again.
But wait... the tour is not over!
Please head over to Dwellings By Devore for a tour of her amazing home and if you have missed any of these stunning homes on the tour so far, here they are listed below! 
Be prepared for some serious eye candy!