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Remodelaholic Shut The Front Door

Monday, March 30, 2015
Hello Everyone!! 
I'm so excited to announce that House Seven Blog will be featured on 
Remodelaholic's Shut The Front Door Series this week! 
Pop on over to link up to their party and also enter to win the giveaway with your best Knock Knock Joke. Its that easy!

Girls Bedroom Mini Update

Wednesday, March 25, 2015
I have loved our middles room since we did the Sharpie paint pen wall last year but there was something about the room that had been bugging me. Even though the room represents Em's unique personality it didn't show her girlie side. The one that loves pink and hearts and all things glitter!
Well, glitter was never going to happen and I do my best to give the girls the kind of rooms they want but I also try my best to keep them simple with the bedding and decor. Things that will grow with them while we make minor changes along the way. 
Last night I took a little trip to Homegoods (shocking, I practically live there) after my class and as I spent this vary rare alone time wandering around when I saw this super cute pink comforter sitting high up on the shelf. I thought...this is so Emma! A few more items later and I had enough to update this cuties room!
Sheet Set
Beaded Accent Pillow
Navy and White Woven Basket with Casters
Added in with some of existing bedding I kind of love it tons! (this is something she would say)
The floral blue, white and green sham is Anthropologie and the little white pillow is one I made so many years ago.
I'm so in love with this amazing Cynthia Rowley Basket on casters!
I also added in this adorable Bulldog wooden artwork from the Etsy shop Maebels. I had purchased it while back but wasn't sure where it would find a home but here it is!
The littlest one was of course right here to help the entire time! 
My goal was to get this all done and surprise Em when she came home from school....
I think it worked because that smile says it all!
 Now its time to get the rest of her room tidied up because 
I will be posting the entire room reveal tomorrow! 
Comforter-Tommy Hilfiger at Homegoods
Sheets-Happy Chic at Homegoods
Navy Beaded Accent Pillow-Nicole Miller at Homegoods
White down comforter-Walmart online
Small White accent pillow-handmade by me
Blue and Green Floral Sham-Anthropologie
Dust Ruffle-Ikea
Red Iron Bed-it was my childhood bed
Nightstand-Pottery Barn 
Childs Tolix style chair-Target
Bunny-BlaBla Kids Dolls
Wool Felt Garland-West Elm Holiday
White frames-Ribba Ikea
Heart Print-TJ Maxx
Mushroom Print-Papyrus Card
Disco Ball-Goodwill
Shutters -Home Depot
Paint-Sherwin Williams Extra White

Photography...what I've learned

Monday, March 23, 2015
Do you love taking photos but really don't have a clue what you are doing?
This is me... I mean really! I pretty much have always just winged it but then somehow my photos have gotten pretty decent over the past few months and I am here to let you in on my secret.
It's because of my friend Kate. She is this amazing photographer and I have learned so much from her and it has totally changed how I take my photos now.
I have learned three main things from her that I now focus on with my pictures and so I wanted to share them with you!
Number one.....its ALL about the light. Natural light is the absolute best especially when you don't have all the fancy lighting equipment and you are just a regular gal like me wanting to take some half decent pictures.  So if you can, try to take your pictures outside in the early evening when the sun is slowing going down and you don't have the harsh (yet lovely at the same time) rays of light shooting across your image. 
When it comes to taking interior photos for my blog, I try to do it in the late mornings. When the sun is out and the light is good. I'm fortunate that we have lots of windows for natural light and the fact that most of my home is white on the inside makes a huge difference in the picture quality. 
Number two and this is the biggie.....learn how to take pictures without using the Automatic settings! Oh my goodness this is huge because all of a sudden you can take a picture that your little camera once said you could not and you don't have to use the flash!
I don't need my camera telling me what to do even if it may know more than me when it comes to taking pictures!
I take all my photos for my blog with my Canon EOS Rebel. Its not new (like maybe 4 yrs now) or super expensive but it has come in pretty handy for my blogging. But, up until recently I always used the Auto settings because even after reading the manual (no help) and looking up information on line, I was still confused. So one day Kate sat down with me and went over the basics and oh my goodness, what a huge help! Showing me how to work the ISO to let in more light and teaching me all about aperture and shutter speed. I learned more from her in 20 minutes than any information I had found up to this point. Then she gave me the greatest resource ever....The book Canon Rebel for Dummies! Oh yes people, this book changed it all for me! First, I learned what all of those buttons were for...please don't laugh. I also learned all about white balance, depth of field, how to sharpen a photo... all of a sudden I had a clue! I'm telling you what.... find the For Dummies book for your camera and you can thank me later because you will never use an automatic setting again! 
Number detailed with your photos! Look at everything that will be in your shot. For my house photos I look at everything and sometimes I don't notice it all until after I take the first picture. Look for things like...are the lamps cords showing? (huge pet peeve of mine) If so, roll those babies up and hide them. Lights shouldn't be on in your interior photos anyway so turn them off, unplug the lamp and hide those cords! Look under the furniture in the picture, is there anything hiding under there. Toys, zippy cups, a rolled up sock that is peeking out and you can see it in the picture? The beauty is in the details so make sure you have covered every inch of the shot. 
When it comes to photographing your kids, is their hair combed and out of their face, clothing straightened? Look at the photos after you have taken a few because thats when you tend to see whats wrong. Like for instance, I once took a bunch of what I thought were super cute pictures of my girls but when I started to edit them I noticed my oldest's arms were behind her the entire time so she looked like she had none! Okay, so not my best work. Now I just leave all those photos up to Kate!!
Now last but not least, I'm sure everyone has their favorite editing tools and I will tell you that I love Adobe Photoshop Lightroom5! I love it! There are numerous videos on line all about how to use this tool and I highly recommend it. I mean even if you're not the best photographer, I still believe you can have amazing photos once you get comfortable with the editing process. 
I'm super lucky to have not just an amazing friend but one that is so talented too! She has even let me photograph her while she works her magic... I love it!

I was in awe of how she could make these little kids bust out in giggles even in the coldest weather while they sat there freezing!! Have you ever seen how much a kid will laugh at the sound of a whoopy cushion?!? Pure Genious!!
Now look at what Kate can do! 
We are so lucky to have had her capture the girls growing up and how our little family has evolved over the past few years
 a very pregnant me....

 My sister and all our kiddos

If you live in the Indianapolis area I highly recommend her for your children and family photos! She is especially amazing when it comes to taking little ones photos. This is not a sponsored post by any means! She is honestly just that good and my dear friend so she deserved a little bragging on!