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Stay Cozy

Monday, February 2, 2015
Have you all been hoping for warmer weather as much as we have around here?
Oh winter, you just aren't doing it for me anymore. I mean I loved your months when you brought me visits from family, good food and of course the gifts. But that's over now and I'm moving on....I've decided I want to start seeing Spring! 
Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. Oh what is a girl to do? 
Well, I say embrace this cold weather and cozy up with your favorite must haves to get you through the last few winter months.
Most winter days you can find me curled up by the fire...seriously ours must be on 24/7! That phrase always makes me giggle a little...our fireplace is on. Not, we have a fire going or we built a fire. There is no building of any kind over here....we flip a switch. I do miss the old wood burning kind of way, but I will take this over no fire any day!
Oh, how it just makes the room that much cozier.
If I'm not by the fire then you will probably find me in my bed.
It's seriously my favorite place to be. When I was pregnant, I sometimes would crawl in at 7:30!
I'm just a huge believer in comfy bedding with lots of down comforters and pillows! Everyone should have a big bed full of fluffy blankets and crisp least I think so. I've been thinking about new ones lately and I have my eye on some from Parachute Home. I mean Valentines Day is right around the corner. (Just a little hinting there, in case my hubby happens to read this post)  Doesn't hurt to try!
Oh and of course my favorite Christmas gift this year was this cream fur blanket from my sweet friend....heaven!
 Chunky socks y'all!
I usually have the coldest feet all winter long so if you stop by any weekend day during these chilly winter months, you're going to find me wearing the biggest, chunkiest, wooly socks I can find while drinking coffee as I scour through my interior design books and, can you say perfect day!

But there is no place I would rather be while the snow is falling outside than with my girl's, curled up right along beside me while we sip on cocoa and watch movies all weekend long! 
Oh Spring I really wish you would hurry it up but until then this is where I will be....hidden under the covers as cozy as can be! 
(the rhyming was purely by accident, but I left it in there anyway:)
3 comments on "Stay Cozy "
  1. I built myself a fire this morning! Winter has a way of chilling us to the bone! I love chunky socks but I also love wearing my mukluks! Anything to stay warm!!

  2. anything at all!! LOL
    Thanks for taking the time to read my post! XO

  3. Your beddings look so cozy! How relaxing it must be to curl up inside those, specially during winter season. I bet it helps you get a good and complete sleep. I would love to stay in bed too if my beddings are that comfy. Haha! :-)

    Henry Schultz @ What Is Earthing