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Decking the Halls with Between You And Me Signs

Tuesday, December 9, 2014
The holiday season is in full swing and I can feel that buzz of energy starting to fill the house. Its only a tiny humming right now but in the next couple weeks it will turn in to full blown jingle bells!!
I can't help but deck the halls because well, its my most favorite part of the holidays. 
That and watching the excitement grow in my little ones as the days become fewer and fewer until the big man arrives!
This year I want to keep things simple. I want the house to have the warmth of the holidays but not lose itself in all of those decorations! Thats why we have decided to scale back on the three trees we usually put up and the word "simplify" is what I keep repeating in my head. I want the girls to grow up in a home where we celebrate the season by being together as a family, welcoming in friends, eating, drinking and being truly grateful for the gifts we receive every single day. It is so easy to get caught up in it all....the wants are poison for the soul and this time of year can be especially challenging.

That is why when I saw this sign from Between You and Me I knew it was perfect for our home. 
Love grows best in little houses. Oh this is so true for us. I speak from real experience here. If you are new here and you don't know my story, well then you should know that this is our seventh home. We have had our fair share of houses and all different. Some were much bigger then our home is now and some were smaller. But our happiness has never changed with the size of our home. I want my kids to always be close to me. I want to hear their laughter from the other room and yes, I even want to hear the helps me, help them, solve the issue a little faster...not always but most of the time. I like living in a home where I don't need a monitor to hear if my baby needs me. Now, please believe me when I say that I by no means think my house is tiny! We are quite blessed with our home but again its no mcmansion either...its just simply perfect for us.
Its the perfect message for our family and exactly how I want us to close we can't help but talk to each other. So close we don't miss a thing. My babies are growing faster than I would really like to believe so keeping them close to me is more important to me than anything else!
If you haven't heard of Between You and Me Signs, first I can't even believe that, but you must visit their shop. They are making some truly beautiful pieces! I have a running wish list in their shop and I'm hoping that one day I have a house full of their amazing work!
Another piece of their work is hanging in our family room. It is a custom piece and the lyrics to one of my favorite Mumford and Sons song Below My Feet.
It's one of those songs that you listen to and it moves you. It speaks about what so much of us experience during our early years. Being young, not worrying about the future, not needing anything but yourself to rely on and then one day you wake up and you can't handle it all by yourself, you never could. You realize that you need more, you need Jesus. This song speaks to me because I too needed my savior. I needed to know that God really loved me! What I didn't know was that he had been with me all along, I just needed to come to him. When I did, I was greeted with open arms and he wrapped them around me and has never let go. It always makes me a little teary eyed when I hear it because I'm so thankful to know Gods grace. Now I have those lyrics hanging on my wall to remind me of this everyday.
I'm so happy to have found their shop! I have these two amazing signs in my home, both of them bringing so much joy and reminding us of the things that we hold dear as a family. 
I'm getting ready to order another sign for a friends house warming gift and now is a perfect time for you to do some shopping of your own because Between You and Me Signs is offering all my readers a 15% off discount today through December 31st!
Just use promo code HOUSESEVEN15 

3 comments on "Decking the Halls with Between You And Me Signs"
  1. I've had my eye on their Wonderful World sign for a while now... I think it would be lovely over my bed. Maybe after xmas! Thanks for the coupon code!

  2. I love Tara's signs, too! I have a huge Family Rules sign in my kitchen that they custom made for me ... it's one of my favorite things in my home. I wanted to see if you could tell me where you found your dining table ... I'm looking for a farmhouse-style table and am open to a trestle-style base. Do you remember where you bought it? I'd love to know! Thanks so much -- you have a beautiful home.

  3. LOVE her signs!! Okay, and I love your ikat pillow in the last photo....where did you get it? Beautiful!