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Our Grey Walls

Tuesday, November 11, 2014
This is just a short little post for everyone of you that has asked me to share the color of grey paint on my walls. 
We have two colors on the walls in our house and they are white and grey and that's it!
Again, too much color and I get anxious!
The funny thing is that this color was a mistake. I'm the obnoxious lady that asks the poor people at Home Depot to re-tint the paint in the mis-tint area and this is how it came out! 
So today I'm sharing the formula with you! I hope you love it on your walls as much as we have on ours!

7 comments on "Our Grey Walls"
  1. love it....I have so much beige colors in our home, I don;t think a grey accent color would work with it...But I sure LOVE this!!!

  2. Love your half moon foyer table. Can you provide the source? Many thanks!

  3. AWESOME! Thank you!!!! I am definitely going to use this color in my den.

  4. Love the color!! Where is the mirror in your entry from?

  5. Hi I am in love with that dresser. Is it vintage ? Do you have any design centers you go for inspiration locally. I live in zionsville and I am gearing up to redo my entire house. Thanks.