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Lets Talk Chairs

Thursday, September 4, 2014

People, thats all I can think about lately!!!
I have been struggling with the fact that I need  want a new chair for our family room.
When we moved in to the house, the original plan was that Brian and I would have our own chairs...very Up like.

 But that never happened because along the way we realized there just isn't enough room for two chairs.
So instead of the original plan of a "his and hers", we just ended up with "his" which is the one below and although it was a giant investment piece for us, after almost two years in the house, Im just not feeling it in this room anymore.
 I tried the Jennylund from Ikea for awhile but it also isn't quite right. Honestly its just not nice enough in my opinion. Sorry but I love our sofa and the Jennylund just isn't in the same category.
I know I really want an upholstered chair. My minds made up about that but now I can't decide on which one and not only that but of course I have a serious budget to think about. (that part was written in my grumpy voice in case you didn't hear it)

I'm so sick of budgets but I just keep reminding myself it is for the greater cause....My Dream Kitchen!
Because I have to keep all this in mind, I have to shop smart, very smart!
There is no..."oooh I love that", press confirm order key and somehow, someway all this magical money comes out of this account called Paypal! Those days are on hold for now.....Boo!

I have been on the hunt for awhile now and I think I have it narrowed down to the ones below but I still can't decide, so I'm sharing them with you all in hopes that you can help me make up my mind.
Of course I had to show the splurge ones first because I love finding almost the exact same piece for way less! Im not even considering those chairs. They are just for fun!

Amelie Wing Chair $1345

Devon Linen Wing Chair $586

1920s Georgian Wingback Chair $1550

Akram Club Chair  $554

Wingback Linen Chair $1250

Beige Linen Slipcover Club Chair $389

Hopefully one of these beauties will make an appearance in the next few months....we shall see!

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