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Fall Tablescape

Monday, September 22, 2014
Happy Monday!
One more day until Fall is finally here!

I'm from upstate New York so the fall has always been one of my most favorite seasons. The leaves changing, the cool crisp air. Its beautiful this time of year up there and you hold on to it with all your might because you know that the snow is about to fall, very soon!
Apple picking was something we did every year growing up. I don't know if it was the actually the picking I enjoyed or that the orchard sold the best apple cider donuts you have ever had and we would eat them all the way home in the car. So good!
The weather has been absolutely beautiful around here lately and all I can think about is getting the house ready for fall. 
Of course it started with that antler pillow!
Yesterday, after a long weekend on the soccer fields, I was finally able to get started. 
I have a lot more to do but I did get a little tablescape done and I love it!
Thank you Target for always showing me what I didn't know I needed! Avery and I decided to take a quick trip there yesterday and here is what going in for some diapers looks like.....oops!
Let me make something clear. I love, love, love fall. But with fall comes color and truth be told, I'm afraid of color! I mean I try, I do. 
I see those pretty jewel tones and I think, "Oh Im doing that!" So I buy those bright coral pillows, bring them home, let them sit on the sofa for a month..... and then my heart starts to race a little more every time I walk past them until I cant bear it anymore! So I toss them in to storage! 
Its not something I'm proud of and I love those bright, vibrant colors (in other peoples homes) but for me I know my heart belongs to the neutrals and Ive made peace there.
 Greys and greens are as colorful as I can get these days and unfortunately, grey doesn't scream fall, so Im using the greenery clipped from my yard and a few orange mini pumpkins to add in the color of fall...but that is as colorful as I can get! 
One of my main rules with fall decor is allowing my Halloween decor to transition in to Thanksgiving.
 I would love to do all black and white pumpkins and spiders but I know that isn't practical so I stick with white and orange for the pumpkins and just sprinkle in the Halloween stuff that can easily be taken down afterwards.
So what do you think of my fakey fake white pumpkins?
Years past I have always used real ones in my fall decor but it seriously makes me sick when I throw out $50 worth of pumpkins at the end of the season every year! Not mindful spending at all!
So this year, Im sucking it up, and although Im sure Martha wouldn't approve, Im using the faux pumpkins! Thats my way of making the plastic ones sound fancier:)
Im crushing on these wood trim lanterns, they were a little bit of a splurge for me at $20 each but thanks to a super sweet friend, I had a gift certificate.
Like I said, I had no idea that I needed them but they are perfect in here! 
Im certainly not done with it all quite yet but I like how its going so far. I would love to show you a perfect house all decked out with fall decor but I have to do everything in stages. Keeps me sane (thats debatable) and it keeps me on budget! Maybe, one day I will have seasonal tours around here to show all of you but not today and probably not tomorrow. There is only so much time in the day and  like you, I can only do so much.
My babies come first and they could care less if there are pumpkins on the table. I do all this because it makes me happy.....they just want mommy to sit on the sofa and read to them and so Im trying to do a whole lot more of that these days! 

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