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Thrifty finds

Monday, August 11, 2014
This past friday was my first full day of freedom since my girls went back to school. Yes, I said freedom. I'm not going to lie, I love my girls but I did a happy dance when the school bus scooped them up and whisked them away for the day. This mama needed a break. 
I could of spent the day doing some much need cleaning or organizing of drawers and closets but what fun is that? Instead, me and the littlest one did a little thrifting and it paid off. Three thrift stores, $65 later and here is what we found. 
This basket for $3. I have this weird love for wicker baskets? I don't know why but every time I see one, I have to buy it. This one is a giant and I'm sure it will do a lot of traveling around the house, holding this and that for a long time to come. 
Notice the little polka dots of light reflecting on the wall...Yes, I finally found a disco ball!
Disco Ball $2. Its a little one but I love it and now I'm on the hunt for a larger one. I've been seeing them all over blog homes for quite some time now and although I resisted the trend at first, I'm completely on board now! As soon as I saw those little dots of light reflecting all over in the room I was hooked! 
School chairs $60. Our work room has been in desperate need of chairs! The kid's have been standing at the table to work the last couple of months ever since I stole the chairs out of here for the navy table in the kitchen. Oops! So when I saw these at $15 a piece, I had to grab them. 
I'm not set on the color but I also don't feel like painting them right now and it isn't bad so for the meantime, yellow it is! 
I love thrifting when you actually find something good, who doesn't, right!?!
 Honestly, I can get a little turned off from it every now and again when it seems like most of the stuff I find is crap and over priced! Heres a little secret about me, I hate overpriced crap. I'm sure you can relate.
 I know I probably won't have as good of luck the next time I get to go out but I guess when you are looking for something for nothing that goes with the territory. 
Happy thrifting!

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