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Project Barn Door

Thursday, August 7, 2014
I'm so excited I finally get to show you guys this! The barn door is up and I love her!! I'm not going to lie, this project felt kind of challenging at first but it couldn't have worked out better. Brian outdid himself on this one! 
We made the door and all the hardware ourselves (okay, Brian did) and it was way more cost effective that way. Thankfully we live extremely close to Home Depot, Lowes and the Tractor Supply store because it was a few trips back and forth as we figured it all out. It weighs a ton so we wanted to be extremely careful on how we would mount it on to the wall. Brian had nightmares of it falling and taking the entire wall down with it!  Thankfully that didn't happen. When we were searching for tutorials on interior barn doors we couldn't find any that showed the back of the door and we had to make sure both sides looked finished since you would be able to see both when the door was closed. I'm planning a full tutorial with material lists and instructions on how we did all this because I feel like we kind of struggled finding a tutorial already out there that would work for us. Now don't get me wrong, I'm super appreciative for all the information we were able to find and it did give us a good idea on how we wanted to tackle this project.  Exactly how we did just that, I will be sharing soon. But for now, lets just take in all her beauty!

I love that I can finally shut off the kitchen to the front room and the double ovens no longer greet everyone who walks through our front door. 
I can't believe it took me so long to figure out we could do this in here because now that it's up I can't imagine the room with out it. It's such a giant statement piece and I love how you see it as soon as you walk in to the house! 
I am so happy with this room now, it might even be my most favorite one in the house...for a little while anyway! 
4 comments on "Project Barn Door"
  1. Where did you get the two metal dining chairs?

  2. I've spent the past hour pouring over your blog. I love so much of your home decor! You are a wonderful source for inspiration. Where did you find your metal chairs? Are they World Market? I'm thinking of building a farmhouse table, but want chairs like these to go with it. Are they comfy? Practical? Good with little ones? Thank you!