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Obsessed with Ranarp Lights

Monday, August 4, 2014
Have you seen these yet?
Its the Ranarp lighting series from Ikea and I'm a smitten kitten!
I have all but one, the floor lamp. But I have a feeling it might be coming home with me on the next trip there. I just love the sleek design, um their white and the cost can not be beat! Even the cord is cool with its black and white chevron design.
I first purchased the large pendents for my kitchen. I can't even begin to tell you the level of my excitement when I saw these babies for the first time!! Like off the charts! I get a little worked up for these kind of things, if you can't already tell. I had been looking for a year for the right pendents and had my heart set on some from Crate and Barrel. The only problem was, when I went to purchase them the company had discontinued them!!! UGH!!
Who are you people that do this to me?!?  
When I was able to finally pull myself out of my pendent light funk, I began my search again, 
and what do you know, I stumbled upon this post above and I couldn't believe how perfect they were! Thank you lighting gods whoever you are, you saved me $520 in the end! 
After falling in love with these two above, I couldn't stop thinking about the others!
This was around the time I re did Avery's room and I thought the work lamp would be perfect on her night stand so...... I looked up how far away Ikea was from Brian while he was traveling to Houston and what do ya know...they have an Ikea there!  I can tell you he wasn't super happy about bringing it home on the plane but he did and I am forever grateful.
The thing was that I loved it so much, I kind of stole it.
I mean, I just really liked it here, so it never left.
It's just so pretty!
But that meant that Avery was still in need of a lamp or lamps if you will.
I know, Im obsessed, but seriously they are so cute!

2 comments on "Obsessed with Ranarp Lights"
  1. Love these lights too! Did you have any issues getting the Ranarp pendant flush with the ceiling and/or concealing the silver disc part of the lighting kit? If so, any pro tips?