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Naptime Projects-a table transformation

Tuesday, August 26, 2014
Okay, so feel free to chuckle. I know, I know, what you are going to say......
Yes, yes I did. But sometimes (okay it happens a lot) the day takes an unexpected turn and the impulsive side of me takes over and I end up transforming a piece that I had no intentions of even spending 10 minutes thinking about that day! Its just how I work. I don't even think about it. It just happens. Yesterday went something like this....I sat down to eat the delicious left overs from dinner the night before. I eat in front of the computer because its the only time I get to read my favorite blogs, do some pinning, you know.  So I'm eating and pinning, when all of a sudden I come across this picture.
I thought...reminds me of my house. I thought...I really like the way that table looks with its wood top and white base....hmmmmm, kind of looks like my table. And then it happened! 
So long pinning, so long lunch. Honestly, I was done already, it was fish Brian had made the night before, oh my gosh, so good! Okay, back to the table. 
"Hey Brian, do you like this table painted blue?" 
"No, I hate it." (I didn't know he felt so strongly about this)
"Okay, can you help me carry it to the garage?" 
That's how I spent the rest of nap time. Stripping paint and sanding. Sanding till I thought my hand was going to fall off! But somehow it all seemed kind of therapeutic and right. I mean sometimes when you know, you just know. Thats how I make a lot of interior decisions. Sometimes they are spot on and I love it for years. Sometimes its a hot mess and I know right away, but I try to live with it. Then there are the times when I think I love it and my husband say's he hates it and this amazing thing happens. "I hate that" is good motivation for me. 
Later last night, he finished the sanding and then he waxed it. 
People, we are loving this wax! 
 Its not exactly like the one above. Because after all this sanding as of late, I wonder if I will ever paint a piece of furniture again. I mean seriously! Brian just laughs when he hears this. He knows me a little too well. 
I KNOW this is a forever change and I love, love, love, her!!
So now let me tell you a little story about this table that I didn't share before.
If you read this post then you know that I found it on Craigslist for $40. Awesome, right?!
Well thats not the entire story.
The first time I saw it listed, I passed by it. I don't know why? I just did. I guess it didn't speak to me right away.
But then I realized it would actually work quite well in the space so I made arrangements to buy it. When I went to pick it up, I met the husband and wife selling it. They told me that they had been married for 45 years and this table had been a wedding present.
 The husband wasn't thrilled they were getting rid of it.
 But the wife (who totally reminded me of myself) said that they no longer had room for it and it was going!
So funny, because this is sentiment at all and Brian would seriously keep everything he ever owned if it was completely up to him!
The thing is though, that it made us love this table even more. Its not just some Craigslist find. It has a story and one that will continue with us.
I've already apologized for the abuse it has endured, the short time its been in my possession. 
I'm sure some of you prefer the navy and I did like it for a little while 
but my true love is with neutrals. Too much color and I get anxious! I'm feeling a nice little transition happening around here. Maybe bringing back more white and grey and a lot less of the blues. I mean who doesn't want to get rid of the blues? 
Okay, that was corny.

5 comments on "Naptime Projects-a table transformation"
  1. It looks soooo beautiful like this! I'm thinking of keeping the new kitchen table I ordered in a natural state with just wax too.

  2. I love it! What a great transformation. Any idea what kind of wood it is? And what wax did you use? I need to try this on a piece of furniture.

    1. Thank you Melissa!
      Im not sure what the wood is? We used miniwax wood wax. We love the wax!:)

  3. Seriously!! I believe you are my long lost twin! All over the place with painting, arranging, sanding, oh nope, l don't think that's right, let's try this. Yep perfect. All the while, our husbands are trying to keep up with our craziness!

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