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Monday, August 18, 2014
When I come across something I love I just have to share it and right now I am in love with this little shop called 
Let me tell you how I found them...
One night while on Instagram, I was scrolling thru the recommended accounts that Insta is nice enough to share with me because I guess we're friends now and they kinda know what I like....well, what do you know....they do know what I like because they introduced me to this cute little shop called For The Love Of Letters! 
So I started following them and I was immediately smitten with the best handwritten font artwork I had ever seen....I mean seriously, so dang cute! 
Then one day I saw that they were having a little pop up shop at Madewell! Hurray!!
So happy I went because not only was I able to get my hands on some For The Love of my own but I also had the privilege of meeting the owner and artist behind it all, Erin! What a doll she is! I mean seriously maybe the sweetest gal ever! She's not only talented but you kinda want her to be your new best friend after meeting her because she is so stinking nice! 
Here's a little bit about her in her own words (which will only make you love her more) 
i'm a midwest gal with southern roots. graduated college in texas with a degree in communications & snagged myself a minnesoooota gentleman shortly after. dutch keeps my fire lit even though his career is putting them out. momma to liv & finn. lover of lip gloss, sharpie pens & glitter. i've loved to "letter" since i was old enough to hold crayolas. i always stick my tongue out when i write & still to this day, you can tell i've been busy when my lips are chapped. go figure. my style of lettering is full of personality, a little whimsy & a lot of fun. i like to refer to it as "perfectly imperfect." motherhood has changed my "career path" & i feel so so blessed to do what i LOVE to do while balancing being a firefighter wife with 2 littles. i hope these designs make your heart as happy as they have made mine.
Here are some of the For Love work's of art I have around my home....
This Work Hard and Be Nice to People wood sign is my all time favorite! 
What a great motto to live by! 
It's traveled thru the house a bit so far and I love it everywhere it ends up! 
Right now its camped out on our entry way table. 

 What about this little cutie in Avery's room.
Kindness is always fashionable....something I definitely want my girls to know!

She even has adorable prints with my favorite Avett Brothers lyric's....sigh!

Great prints and framed art aren't the only goodness in her shop and for all of you Indiana folks out there, check out this super cute Local tote! 
Perfect for your Indiana corn or anything else you wanna throw in it!
Not only are all the items I picked up super cute but now is the perfect time for you to get some 
For the Love of Letters of your very own!!! 
 For The Love Shop is nice enough to offer all House Seven followers a 20% off coupon code!! 
Just use promo HOUSELOVE20 from now thru the 25th to receive 20% off your order and don't be surprised when you can't choose just one! 

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  1. Already followed them on instagram and you can bet I'll be using the promo code!! <3

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