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Wednesday, July 23, 2014
Do you ever see a piece of clothing and you cant get it out of your head?!?
Here are some pieces Im obsessing over right now
Frye Veronica Shortie Boot

Frye Anna Shortie Boot
I am all about the "Shortie" this fall! Seriously I cant get enough of them...dresses, skinny jeans, shorts! So Cute!

I love how you can transition in to the cooler days with this look. 
Another must have for me is this Poncho dress from Madewell....I saw in the store last week and I had to have it! I've since realized Im a little late on this bandwagon of the poncho dress obsession...apparently it was blogged about way back in May but that's okay because Madewell thinks it should still be full price! So I guess Im not that late. I was considering it for a special event we have this weekend...Im still undecided but I know it will be worn a ton either way!
 Thank you kind sales associate for shipping it overnight so I have it in my arms today!
And what about their accessories.....Im in love!
 Not only are they incredibly versatile and chic, they are adjustable!

Okay stay with me but when it comes to finding something fun and trendy, Forever 21 is my little secret! While the quality can't compare to the brands above, if you need something for a night out and you aren't ready to break the bank, this is the place. Im not going to lie..I have gotten the looks from the 18 year olds shopping in there while I try to navigate my stroller around the store with my other two in tow. I don't care! They have some super cute stuff if you don't mind doing a little digging. One of my most favorite finds lately have been these pajamas...super comfy and roomy! They have been washed and dried on high heat at least 10 times so far and not a bit of shrinkage!! And you can't beat the price at $11
and this tank for nighttime...its $13

So here are my clothing crushes right now. Nothing to crazy because my style is all about comfort and just plain feeling pretty in my clothes. I will shop just about anywhere and I don't mind paying more for quality as long as its not super trendy. Im always trying to be a little smarter about how Im spending my money so Im all about doing a little research and having a list of items I want before I start to buy anything. I've made that mistake in the past and Ive ended up with a schizophrenic closet!  A closet full of clothes and not one thing coordinates with another. Not good!  Hey its a learning process like everything else. 
So what are you all are crushing on right now? I would love to know! 

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