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love is in a cupcake

Thursday, July 17, 2014
Looking at them, they don't seem like anything more then just cupcakes. But to me it is what they represent.  To me it's friendship and love.
My birthday was a couple weeks ago. It wasn't anything crazy. I spent the day at home doing my usual routine. My friends came by to see me and brought me goodies. It was beyond kind and I love them dearly for taking the time out of their days to make mine special. I'm so blessed with good friendships. Women in my life that really care about each other by lifting each other up and not tearing down. Women full of kindness with real love for each other. Im so blessed.
It was a day to be reminded of how my life is purposeful. I am here because I have a purpose. To love and be loved. I am not just the wife and mommy role that consumes my daily routine but also a friend, sister, daughter. My creator thinks I'm wonderful. So much that he rejoices over me. These are not the thoughts that fill my mind typically. It is the other thoughts that creep in over and over again. The you are not good enough thoughts. I'm doing my best to only allow them so much space in my brain and hopefully one day soon I will be able to kick them out for good.
This was also my last 30's birthday. Where is the time going? I blinked and there I was with a husband of 11 years and three little girls. Three little girls who look to me to show them how to love themselves.  Love yourself. It seems so simple but so easy to forget. I guess thats why we need reminders and sometimes that reminder is a cupcake full of love from a friend on your birthday. 
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