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Thursday, July 10, 2014
I love fresh flowers in my house. I mean its probably my most favorite thing to decorate with. The problem seems to lie somewhere in the fact that i don't have room in my budget to fill my house with fresh flowers all the time so Ive learned to improvise with tree branches and anything else I can pick that grows nearby. We are lucky enough to live near some woods and this lovely little trail that leads thru the is where I like to walk a couple of times a week looking for interesting branches that I can use in the house. 

Just a little greenery can brighten up an entire room and if you are like me and don't have a green thumb, I've killed every plant Ive ever brought home, to the point that now if I buy one, I know its temporary and I'm no longer devastated when it dies a few weeks later. So now instead of wasting money and killing anymore innocent plants I just bring in some branches and throw them in a vase. The best thing about branches is that they live for weeks before you have to change them out...I would recommend changing the water often because there is nothing worse then a vase with dirty water in it. Yuck! There isn't any formal arranging and having something to fill my vases makes my heart happy...Its the little things.

The one thing I have found that I can keep alive so far is succulents....I leave them alone and they seem to be happy as can be.  I mean I don't do anything to them! Brian is probably taking care of them on the sly and I don't know but whatever it is, its working! 

We have been able to add some plants to the yard that I will eventually get to clip from like these hydrangeas below. We even planted some peonies (my favorite) and Im hoping that in a couple of years I will have lots to clip!!

Thankfully the word has gotten out about my flower obsession and my neighbors have been so sweet to share theirs with me! I love that!! 

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