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Happy Girl Sign

Monday, July 7, 2014
Let me start off by saying that I take no credit for this design what so ever! 
found this picture on this blog here and I followed her tutorial on how to make it. I will say that along the way I was confused about a couple things and so I'm sharing my experience with you all today, so if maybe, just maybe, you want to make one, then you can use this extra input to help you!
The first thing to do is make the box frame...thank you Brian for coming to the rescue. I will say, that the more I see him build stuff, the more I think I might be able to myself, one day. But for now....thank goodness he's a good sport about all these projects!
We followed her tutorial and everything was going smoothly until it came to making the letters. There wasn't enough information for me on how she made hers?  So we made ours this way...
-we purchased some adhesive vinyl sheets from Hobby Lobby just like these (in retrospect I believe you can also use contact paper if you have it)
-then I printed off my letters from this helpful website here blown up to 245%
-cut each of them out and then used those as my templates to cut out the vinyl in to the shape of each letter...MAKE SURE YOU CUT YOUR VINYL ONES BACKWARDS!
-the next step was to stick them to the plexi glass
checking to make sure size is correct
letters are important to put them on backwards! 
We double checked to make sure all was right before we sprayed the frosting spray paint on

we sprayed a light coating of the frost first and then when it was dry(ish) we sprayed four coats of the blue spray paint and said a little prayer that it would turn out okay

 The next morning I pulled off the vinyl letters....phew! So far so good!
Then it was a light coating of frosting spray paint again to cover where the letters had been.
Im not going to lie here...the paint didn't go on evenly...not even close. It came out kind of looking tye dyed to me? Weird. But we had the attitude going in to this that it was for fun and we wouldn't care how it came out! We should try that more:)
Next step was to attach the plexi glass to the frame and also the christmas lights. I didn't have white. I used what we had in our supplies and it didn't seem to make any difference in the end. I hot glued the glass to the frame and then hot glued the lights criss-cross style across the back of the frame.
One week later when I went to hang the sign, the plexi glass fell off the frame!
Major fail!

So I dropped $5 on a new gun (I think the old one wasn't hot enough to make the glue stick properly) and it worked! The craft gods were with me that day!
I love how the sign turned out and it is an awesome addition to her room. It covers the whole wall so that is an additional bonus. To tell the truth, I think I want to do another one but not quite sure what it will say yet? 
I do hope this helped any of you out there ready to tackle this super cute tutorial! 
Good Luck!

2 comments on "Happy Girl Sign"
  1. this is the cutest! i bet she looooves it. anything with twinkle lights is a win in my book. i'm sure you've saved many a headache with your tutorial notes. :)