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Saturday, July 12, 2014
I love to shop and I love a bargain! I could spend hours shopping sale racks and clearance sections and sometimes I do. But one lesson I have learned over the years and tried hard to stick to is that I won't buy it on sale if I wouldn't even have looked at it if it wasn't! 
Heres what I mean. I used to go in to a store, walk straight to the clearance section, fill my cart with all kinds of "deals" and would end up spending way too much on stuff I didn't truly love so eventually it wound up in some drawer, cabinet or hanging in my closet until I eventually just gave it away! So dumb!
This took awhile but the old saying Quality over Quantity became my shopping motto. Because the more I get to know myself, the more I realize that no matter how many knick knacks I have or how many clothes I have hanging in my closet, Im still going to always display the things I love the most and Im only going to wear what I feel comfortable in! 
So if I see something on sale and I think I want it, I look at the sale price and compare it to the regular price first because Ive noticed that a lot of times its only reduced a few dollars and if thats the case then I know that I probably don't really want it anyway. I mean why buy that one beach towel thats reduced by $4 when I could go chose from all the regular priced ones and get the one I really love for a little more! 
The next thing I do is ask myself if I really want it?! Sounds silly but seriously, I have this internal conversation with myself all the time in the middle of stores. Do you want all this clearance stuff or do you want that one thing you spotted at Anthropologie that might be $75 but you will love it way more in the end? Im just trying to be a little more aware of where my money is going and ultimately I want to spend it on things that truly make me happy. 
But Im not going to lie and say that Im so disciplined that I don't get sucked back in from time to time. Because sometimes there's nothing like walking in to a store and finding a deal on something  to lift your spirits! So I came up with a little weekly treat for myself called Friday Finds! I don't work on friday (thank you Jesus) and this is usually the day I get a little free time for a few hours. I allow myself to spend $20 on whatever I want. Mindless purchases. This is mostly done at my favorite clearance aisle store TJ Maxx but it could be anywhere. 
I have to be a little more mindful because I can only spend $20 but I allow myself to purchase those little items or clearance things that I think are cute but not practical!
Yesterday was Friday and of course I spent my morning, coffee in hand, wandering the aisles of TJ Maxx and Homegoods. 
Here are my finds
When I can I try to pick up items I know I might need later and with all the parties we attend over the summer I can always use cute birthday cards $3
Im loving these super cute pens! I love little things that makes everyday tasks a little more interesting and fun! $5
I also found this little pad. Some inspiration for getting it done! $5
I also spied this fabric box for $7. Love it!
  I haven't found it a home yet but it will look great in the house and I can hide crap in it!! 
So here is my $20 and even though I used it for things I didn't really need it still allowed me some retail therapy with out feeling guilty about my purchases afterwards. It also gave me a reason to spend some time out and about alone which is priceless for a mom of three! 
Do you have any tips that you use when you shop? I would love to hear them!! 

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