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Emma's Room

Monday, July 7, 2014
Emma's finally got her big girl room and I couldn't be happier! 
I will say that this transformation took a lot longer than normal and Im going to blame that on a lot of family in town, birthdays and the holiday weekend! 
Because well, I usually work faster than this:)
Emma will be 7 (holy smokes, where is the time going!) in January and ever since we moved in to the house, I promised her a "Big Girl Room." I will say she hasn't been real patient about it and everyday it was "Mom, when are you going to do my room?!" 
I started out with my usually pinning of rooms on Pinterest to get an idea of what we wanted and of course, Emma was there the whole time, telling me what she liked and didn't like.
It really wasn't until I stumbled upon this post, blog stalking one night that I really knew what we wanted to do with her room. I knew I wanted simple, and I knew I wanted to leave the walls white (shocker) and I wanted lots of color.....she's my rocker kid and so she needs more than a three color room palette. 
I like to think she has a creative mind (like her mama) and this is why she isn't the tidiest of children. So keeping her room free of a lot of stuff was important, since cleaning her room can be a two to three day task for her. 

 The before pictures....because this is real life and the last thing I'm trying to convey over here at House Seven is that we are anything but perfect. 
And now! Oh so much better!
Brian and I made the Happy Girl sign after seeing this tutorial here and its a giant! I love it!!
After the room got a fresh coat of white paint, we used a Sharpie paint pen to draw the design. Faux wallpaper! Its cheap and when we are sick of it, we will just paint right over it!! 
Disclaimer: I realize my use of exclamation points will be in excess with this post but what can I say...I love how this room turned out, so deal, thanks:) 
The iron bed was mine growing up. My mom and I found it in a salvage shop in NY. I wanted it so bad that I mowed the grass all summer to save up enough to pay for it. It has been a multitude of colors over the years due to my spray paint obsession. This time is was sprayed with a couple coats of  red Valspar. The cabinet is an auction find for $12 spruced up with some white paint and distressed a little. Globe is also an auction find for $1. The bedding is a mix of Amy Butler (sheets) Anthropologie (quilt, shams) Ikea (aztec pillow, it travels the house) and I made the little white throw pillow years ago. The tutorial is here if you want to make your own!
We stole the lamp shade form Avery's room because we replaced it with something new and it works perfect in here with this lamp. I think that I want to do some shelving in here to match her dresser but that might be awhile so for now its a little gallery wall instead. 
Emma's little Goodwill dollhouse even got a new paint job! 
This was a super fun project and it was even more fun because Brian and I did a lot of the work together. He is a little more detail oriented than me, I get impatient and just want it all to be done, so the Sharpie wall was right up his alley. 
I will be posting about the Happy Girl sign and the wall in the coming days so stay tuned! 

6 comments on "Emma's Room"
  1. LOVE IT! Especially the giant slinky ;)

    1. Ha! Yes, I even told Emma I think it might be time to return it to poor Lex!

  2. Looks Great! Love the bedding with all those pillows!

  3. I'm so curious about your sharpie wall. Did you use a template? I searched a few terms of your blog and don't see another post about it. Maybe I am missing it?

  4. I'm so curious about your sharpie wall. Did you use a template? I searched a few terms of your blog and don't see another post about it. Maybe I am missing it?

  5. Hi there! I too would love more info on how you created your sharpie wall. Looked on the blog but couldn't find anything. Did you ever post about it? Or would be able to send some pointers? Thanks in advance!!!